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Find out more about our new production music album Blue Tone(PEDF114) from Pedigree Cuts. ‘Blue Tone’ is an authentic and contemporary sounding jazz album that recalls the 60’s heyday of the New York post-bop scene and the accessible, danceable jazz adopted by the Mod scene of swinging London. Always upbeat, positive and with a strong emphasis on rhythm, this sounds like one hell of a party!

Explore ‘Blue Tone’ Tracks:

Blues Cruise has 60’s pop groove, Latin rhythms, a groovy Hammond organ and soulful saxophone. An uplifting retro party tune with an authentic vintage soul sound. This effortlessly exudes a relaxed, fun loving atmosphere.

Organ Grinder’s Monkeymixes classic 60’s soul with modern R&B and pop. Funky big band brass and percussive rhythms create an easy-going party vibe that perfectly captures the essence of the era’s most memorable grooves.

Sixes and Sevens is an energetic slice of retro funk with classic sixties soul and psychedelic pop influences.  Replete with virtuosic saxophone leads and a “funky drummer” break – this is the perfect groove for conveying cool but casual fashion branding.

Pay The Piper conjures up images of the sea, sun and sandy beaches of 1960’s California with a clean, vibrato-drenched lead guitar and steady rock n’ roll drums. A jazz flute solo also adds an authentic period languor to proceedings that is reminiscent of some of the era’s best European film scores.

Giant Sam is easy going lounge jazz with walking bass, soft, steady drums and a muted jazz guitar that evoke a happy-go-lucky, sunny afternoon feeling. The ideal tune for positive, “not a care in the world” type scenes.

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