Drum & Bass Production Music Promos by Hospital Records

Vibrant, excitable, cutting-edge Drum ‘n’ Bass from one of the world’s leading dance labels, Hospital Records. Formed in Forest Hills, London, UK in the mid-90s, the label helped define a cultural shift from Acid House and Rave towards a heavier D&B sound. Contemporary Drum & Bass artists continue to provide on-trend, future looking sounds while the genre forms a massive influence on Grime, Drill, and EDM today.

Critically-acclaimed Artists

Created for TV, Sports, and Gaming promos our new album ‘Drum & Bass Promos’ features tracks by established commercial acts Keeno, Logistics, Metrik, Krakota, and Fred V & Grafix. Each artist demands attention and captures huge audiences across festivals, clubs and streaming platforms across the world.

Easy Editing

Rarely are the top producers in a genre so accessible. Each track on ‘Drum & Bass Promos’ is broken down into multiple edits including 0:30s cuts, underscores, instrumental stings, and a sample pack of sync-friendly vocal stings. Top level musicianship and respected producers have never been so accessible or flexible for use in your custom edits. When you need even more flexibility, call us for stems!

Full Service Music Licensing

Whether you need a single use license for an Instagram promo or a full subscription music license for broadcast TV promos and spots, our experts are here to help. Avoid YouTube takedowns, speed up the edit process with our Adobe Extension, and be safe in the knowledge that we own 100% of our music. Ask the FirstCom Music team to help find the music and licenses you need today.

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