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The summer may be edging nearer to its autumnal conclusion but over at Pedigree Cuts the mission is to wring every last drop of sunshine out of its favorable temperatures and infuse September with the kind of positivity that only parties, carnivals and beaches provide. We head to South America on Latin Journeys (PED F111)

A Bossa influenced, nonstop groove marathon that takes the traditional elements associated with Latin music and brings them effortlessly in line with the sound of contemporary TV and radio, providing modern sounding alternatives to the well-trodden classics that are woven into the fabric of global culture.

Bad Grammar’ is an early morning injection of carnival inflected optimism that employs glitchy, high end production to joyfully modernize its warm, strummed guitars and powerful, uplifting brass section.

There’s a similar modus operandi at the heart of ‘Raton Fresco’ Cumbiaton beats and glitchy Spanish guitars evoke a hazy, lazy drop top atmosphere. Replete with whoops and street style vocal incantations, this is the perfect track for sound tracking mid-summer scenes of relaxation and enjoyable adventures.

‘Trapezium’ deploys hypnotic brass, funky disco bass and 70’s jazz flute to propel its super chilled disco beats, reversed drums and soulful vocal effects enhance the steamy, exotic nightclub feel and retro strings suggest epic parties that go on into the early hours.

 ‘Argentine Android’ offers a unique mash-up of South American tango, electro beats and glitch effects. Romantic strings and piano provide a wistful breakdown that builds back into its sharp and funky hook with an exquisite sense of musical tension. Perfect for youth lifestyle, fashion and design programming.

Classic film soundtracks are referenced on the beautiful Bolero Del Dolor’. An emotive classical guitar refines the sense of longing and melancholy that will make this the perfect to accompaniment to themes of regret, loneliness and missed romantic opportunities.

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