Soundtrack of dreams from capitol studio masters

New to Capitol Studio Masters, ‘Soundtrack of Dreams’ is a blend of emotive synth pop and shoegaze electro from band of the moment, Saticöy. Swelling synthesizers, tepid drumming, scattered bass-lines, saxophones, and a seemingly endless supply of guitars creates over-the-top synthetic stadium-prog that builds to a beyond-satisfying crescendo. Featuring the outstanding vocal talents of Effie Passero, ‘Soundtrack of Dreams’ is a beautiful combination of heartbreak, nostalgia, anticipation, jubilation and triumph perfect for dramatic film and television productions. Music that feels bigger than the world; like the soundtrack of your dreams.

Introducing Effie Passero

Effie Passero is a classically trained performer turned singer-songwriter. After 12 years in Opera Theatre, she discovered her passion truly lies in story telling and sharing her own life through music. In early 2018, she was seen on ABC’s first season of American Idol, placing in the top 20 contestants. In late 2018, she won the Hollywood Media in Music Award for her original song, “Sarsaparilla”. Effie has been brought into session singing, working on both Leonard Cohen’s and Barbara Streisand’s latest albums. She is currently finishing her first EP to be will be released in the fall.


FirstCom Music brings you the legendary sonic integrity of Capitol Studios with the launch of Capitol Studio Masters; a collection of curated original music recorded, mixed and mastered at the iconic Capitol Studios.

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