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Inspired by the classic California Pop sound of the ‘60s, ‘Best Beach‘ is a collection of contemporary Indie and alt-Pop that channels West Coast summer melodies both old and new. 

Created at Capitol Studios in Hollywood, ‘Best Beach’ is available to license from FirstCom Music’s brand new production music label, Capitol Studio Masters.

Working with a range of up and coming artists, producer Christina May laid out the inspiration for the album:

“It’s inspired by a lot of different artists. There are obvious ones like the Beach Boys and Beach House, but also Poolside was a big influence as was Geowulf. The album has a really cool dreamy nostalgic feeling, but they’re also super contemporary feeling songs.”

When asked about the project Jaron Takach, from the band Saticöy, said “We’d best describe the music we made for this project as beachfront dream pop. Being in the Capitol Studios building was surreal. To be involved with the studio that once recorded the likes of Frank Sinatra and The Beach Boys, even in as small a role as we played, is incredible. We all had a long stint of listening to psychedelic and indie pop, so this project was really enjoyable for us.”

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Alt-Pop innovators Saticöy hail from Ohio, but it was the move to Los Angeles, California that turned their music from hobby to career. The group went public in September 2018, after a 6 month self described “incubation period”, with their debut single Faded from Color. Self-written, self-produced, and self-promoted, the group has maintained a refreshingly unique take on modern indie-pop. Their catchy, pocketed production and remarkably relatable lyrics will plant themselves in your head, while their live shows will shake the room and flip everything you thought you knew about those records you heard online.

Joe Turner

Born and raised in South London, Joe Turner has been surrounded by music for as long as he can remember. Growing up in a house filled with soul music, alongside a dash of 90’s electronic classics, his taste has always been varied. Inheriting musical talent from his Grandfather – a jazz pianist, Joe wrote his first song when he was just 11 years old. Since then, he has worked as a guitarist, composer and most recently producer for several acts across South London.

After touring the UK relentlessly with numerous projects, Turner aims to combine all of his past influences and experiences of his musical journey into his productions. Inspired by a wealth of artists across numerous genres, he aims to pay homage to his heroes through telling stories within his music, without clichés.

James Oliver

James Oliver is a Producer, DJ and Composer from the UK. His first track, received regular BBC Radio 1 primetime air play and went on to be remixed by Nicky Romero. He has produced and written for many artists as well as brands such as Ministry of Sound and Hedkandi. Holding numerous DJ residencies, James continues to perform across the UK. 

Charlie Harper

Charlie Harper is a composer who has produced and performed with the likes of Seyr and Stella Talpo from Deep Matter Records. As a writer of production music he takes these talents and applies them to work that transfers to TV, Film and Advertising. Working across many genres of music, Charlie Harper has built a reputation for an extremely genuine sound.

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