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Take an exclusive first look at this early release of ‘Sports Adrenaline’ from Pedigree Cuts ahead of our first big release of the year this weekend.

Sports Adrenaline (PEDB005) is a high-octane, genre-spanning sucker punch of a collection, tailor-made for all major sporting event requirements. Inspiring and motivational fusions of rock, metal and hip hop that will inject your coverage with drama and intensity. With the basketball and ice hockey seasons well underway, and the Super Bowl and Extreme Sports competitions all imminent, we highly recommend you make this a go to playlist for all your sports sync needs.

‘Triple Deck Shuffle’ is excellent material for muscular promos, trailers and power sports – glam rock in a contemporary style, this has just the right amount of heads down shredding to increase tension in any high energy tournament. 

‘Kickin Off’ (featuring Baby Bam of the legendary Jungle Brothers) is a hugely compelling rock/rap hybrid designed to create anxiety and excitement in equal measure over the opening scenes of any TV game coverage.

The edgy ‘Blunt Responseis an adrenaline-fueled stomper which would be perfect for energetic and virile sports footage, while Bam returns on the incendiary ‘Give It All You Got’a pumped up mission statement overflowing with motivational rhymes urging you to rise to the occasion and take control of your destiny.

Don’t miss out on even more new production music for sports and high energy promos as we release ‘MasterSports 2’ from our MasterSource label, ‘Fast Furious’ from Gotham Music, and ‘Adrenaline Junkies’ from BBC Production Music later this week.

To check out some of the amazing sports placements where you’ll hear FirstCom Music, watch our highlight reel now!

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