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Introducing ‘The Franchise’; a new series of inspired Hip Hop designed specifically for sync in sports highlight reels, social media video and promos from our Chronicles of Hip Hop label..

Created by acclaimed producer Kikbak, ‘The Franchise’ brings the highest quality beat making and production chops of chart Hip Hop in to the hands of video editors. Kikbak’s music already has a truly elite following of ‘in the know’ music supervisors and video editors, with tracks used every day by the NBA and NFL Films. Just some of the teams to feature Kikbak’s tracks in their social media content include San Francisco 49ers, Kansas City Chiefs, Golden State Warriors, Dallas Mavericks, Denver Nuggets and Pittsburgh Penguins.

Launching with a back-to-back pair of game-winners ‘Offensive Strike‘ and ‘Defensive Strike‘ the series delivers big results from the open.

We caught up with Kikbak to find out what goes into creating a sound that has caught fire with editors creating the most dynamic and engaging sports content we’ve seen in the last few seasons.

Kikbak explained, “This project was mixed using real analog summing for a more dynamic stereo image & pre-mastered through my SSL G Series rack compressor for punch & glue. It also features classic midi sound modules from Roland & Emu, which are staples in Hip Hop culture.” The result is a sound that has the ‘real deal’ authenticity to sit alongside chart Hip Hop and the power to grab attention in an ocean of competing content.

Kikbak continued, “With more flexibility for editors in mind, we made sure to include lots of different mixes per track”. Each album features alternate versions, cut down edits in usable lengths, and stems available for immediate download. It’s a toolkit that offers huge possibilities to the most talented editors and easy cut points primed for use with video, perfect for rookies fresh in the game.

It’s rare to see a video featuring Kikbak’s music that doesn’t include a request for the track name in the comments. Below are just a few selections of his recent credits featuring tracks like ‘Winning Is The Only Thing’, ‘Golden Era Brooklyn’ and ‘Throwdown’ which is featured in the most viewed video on the NBA’s IGTV with 5.4 million views.

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