Classic albums revitalized

Our top musical minds have raided our back catalog of thousands of production music albums to source a few select gems released in years past that stand up to the test of time. These special albums are connected by spectacular writing, exceptional musicianship and outstanding recording sessions.

We handed these albums to our expert Mastering Engineer and tasked him with using state of the art mastering technology and techniques to breathe new life into these timeless ‘master’ works. The result is ‘Master Series Re-Mastered’. Head of Global Repertoire for UPPM & SVP Executive Producer, Ken Nelson, explains; “these very few, very select releases from the FirstCom Music vaults have stood the test of time and remain highly sought after due to their rich authenticity.”

Introducing ‘Blue Jazz’

The first album in the ‘Master Series Re-Mastered’ is ‘Blue Jazz’, composed by Pat Coil. A mix of Be-Bop, Jazz Blues, and Cool Jazz, the album was originally recorded in Music City by a string of top Nashville musicians. Coil is a long-time writer and Producer for FirstCom Music, a former Professor of Jazz Studies at the world renowned University of North Texas, and a touring keyboardist for Michael McDonald among many others.

We caught up with Sr. Mastering Engineer David Garcia to learn more about the process of revitalizing a classic from the FirstCom vaults.

David Garcia

When I listened back to the original cd release of ‘Blue Jazz’, I was reminded of what a great album it is; amazing musicians and some wonderfully inspired songs. The performances sounded as if this ensemble had performed and fine-tuned them over a long tour, but I don’t believe that to be the case.

As I listened to the recordings, I thought about making some subtle changes to make it even better. I thought of all the glowing descriptions vinyl enthusiasts use to describe their favorite jazz albums and that became the goal for the remastering project; smooth & pleasing, yet still dynamic.   

I hear cool new elements and details every time I listen to these songs. I still can’t pick just one favorite song in the bunch! Each song is my favorite until I hear the next one. I do really like the swingy feel to some of the 12/8 songs (Downtown Blues, Nobody Knows, Village Beat), but the sneaky and sophisticated songs like Leather Gloves, Black Tie, and Jazz Spot are also great.   


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