Like all good weddings ‘My Big Fat Wedding Album‘ is filled with friends, family, and estranged cousins reveling in love, emotion, and a rip-roaringly good party!

Starting off with multiple versions of the classic ‘Here Comes the Bride’ cut in a variety of popular music styles from Punk to Big Band Jazz before diving head first into several different takes on Mendelssohn’s Wedding March and Wagner’s Wedding Chorus. Presented using a range of instruments, from upright piano to church organ to nylon string guitar, we’re treated to professional, as well as, badly played amateur renditions.

Finally, we close with some songs for the wedding reception in classic wedding band style. Don’t miss out on the Rated R for Raunchy number ‘Take It’ which is NSFW!

Trade Secret:

My Big Fat Wedding Album started as a client request before blossoming into the extravaganza you hear before you now. Your feedback is always welcomed!

Composer Glenn Rueger says:


You’ve got this beautiful piece of classical music, the Bridal Chorus, from an 1850s opera and the surprising thing is that it translates so well to the musical styles of today.

The wedding album project was different from many others as it required a different approach, a unique palette and instrumentation for each piece. So it was more like a group of several different projects, each with it’s own unique vibe.

It’s kind of cool to think that Wagner wrote this opera in the mid 1800s and here we are hearing a part of it in the 21st century set to pounding rhythms or wailing guitars. Powerful stuff.  Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that it works so well in our time, as the opera it is taken from is a crazy, wild ride. Yeah, that’s some heady, powerful stuff! Enjoy!

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