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New to Capitol Studio Masters, ‘Our Universe’ is a collection of lush, emotive orchestral cues perfect for nature documentary, science, and education, as well as exotic travel and exploration. Created by acclaimed Producer, Composer and Musician Torsti Spoof, the album was a labor of love that features exceptional musicianship and the highest quality production. FirstCom Producer, Jason Rudd captures the vibe; “Beautifully composed and arranged, ‘Our Universe’ depicts the grand scale of our universe in all directions. It perfectly captures the sheer immense, vastness looking outwards as well as the endless wonder within.”

Catch a look behind the scenes and learn more about Producer, Torsti Spoof, and some of the amazing musicians featured on ‘Our Universe’:

Torsti Spoof

Torsti Spoof is a media composer based in Jyväskylä Finland. His music has been used all around the world on TV (CNN, BBC, National Geographic, NFL, NBA, NHL) and Hollywood blockbuster film &  TV  campaigns (Star Wars, Robin Hood, Outlander, Wonder Park, Aladdin, Planet Of The Apes, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them).

He started studying music at the early age of 6, gaining a formal education on classical piano, classical guitar and his main instrument, electric guitar. Torsti has studied composition and orchestration at Berklee College Of Music and at Hollywood Music Workshop in Vienna Austria (Conrad Pope and T.J. Lindgren).

Torsti’s extensive work experience has made him an open-minded and versatile composer. He loves combining traditional and organic soundscapes with the sounds of modern technologies and he is a big fan of catchy melodies. Even though he nowadays works primarily on orchestral and hybrid music, he has also has a solid experience in rock, pop and metal music. His long career as a recording engineer, mixing engineer, music producer, and a professional studio musician and performing artist has given him a versatile musical and technological skill set for successfully crafting a composition from the first note to a great sounding final product.

Torsti has written over 350 production music tracks for over 40 albums and custom projects. He has worked with several Gold and Platinum selling rock and Pop artists in Finland as a studio producer, session musician, mixing engineer, song writer and performing artist. He has played over 2,000 live shows with different bands and artists and on about 100 albums as a session guitarist and midi programmer.

Michael Eriksen

Listen to ‘Taiga

Michael Eriksen is the singer of the Norwegian prog-metal band Circus Maximus. His crystal clear voice and warm soothing vibrato gets into your soul. Michael has released more than 20 full-lengths albums. He sang the main role in Arjen Lucassen’s: Ayreon – The Source in 2017.

Inga Söder

Listen to ‘Out of This World

Inga is a multi-talented singer from Finland and a familiar face in the Finnish music scene thanks to success on Finnish TV-shows like Voice of Finland and from a collaboration with the Finnish army band, where she was chosen to be the first female soloist in the Presidential Independence Day reception with the Guards band. She is one of the busiest and most respected freelance soloists in Finland and many professional bands and orchestras rely on her expertise.

Alina Lesnik

Listen to ‘Highest Point on Earth

Alina Lesnik is a mezzo-soprano soundtrack and metal vocalist based in Münster, Germany. She has performed in a variety of bands going from Irish folk to symphonic metal and is now mostly known for her metal, folk and soundtrack covers on YouTube. In 2016 she has recorded vocals for the cinematic project Elementia, composed by Paulo J. Mendes and in the following years she contributed studio vocals as a soloist to major music trailer companies. In 2018 her voice was featured in the Official Netflix Trailer of Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle, composed by Gabriel Saban and Philippe Briand.

Antony Parviainen

Listen to ‘Our Universe

Known for his impressive tonal range and powerful voice, Antony Parviainen is a multi- talented singer from Finland. He toured Europe with Machine Men, he currently sings in a much-praised metal band Psychework,and performs in big arenas for thousands of people during Christmas season with Raskasta Joulua.His résumé includes years of experience in commercials and studio work as well.

His voice has carried him to hearts of many fans. What truly makes Parviainen a world- class vocalist is his exceptional talent in carrying you through the variety of emotions: all the way from warm and tender sounds to his jaw-dropping high notes with power like no other.

Arabella Fenyves

Listen to ‘Savannah

Arabella Fenyves has dedicated her singing career to performing across genres. Born in New York City, she grew up in an Austrian-American family, listening to everything from classical music to jazz. Her distinct vocal color and versatile training allow Arabella to choose from a broad musical palette when working with contemporary composers. As a soloist, she has performed in such prestigious halls as the Vienna Musikverein, Vienna Konzerthaus, Liederhalle Stuttgart and Teheran’s Rudaki Hall.

Sini Spoof

Listen to ‘Life

Sini Spoof is a classically trained singer who has studied around the world in top professional music schools, educating herself as a versatile singer and voice professional. Over the years she has performed with numerous different ensembles, from a ‘Capella groups to a big orchestra soloist. As a studio session singer she has worked on several albums released worldwide and has provided vocals to major music trailers. In addition to her work as a singer, she runs her own music school, where she coach singers. She is also a well-known voice-over artist in Finland.


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