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When it comes to pure spectacle, nothing quite matches the Super Bowl. The yearly NFL® championship game is usually played during the first week of February, during a time of year when not much else is going on. Whether it’s a fan’s dream matchup between two storied franchises, or a David and Goliath scenario where a scrappy young upstart team battles it out with a dynasty, you can bet there will be tens of millions of viewers eager to see how the drama on the field unfolds.

Are you tasked with creating ads or coverage that centers on this year’s matchup? From team videos to get the fan base pumped up to advertisements that reach record audiences, the audio you choose can make or break your content. See below for tips on how to find the right production music for Super Bowl-related content.

A Massive Global Audience

The Super Bowl has a massive global audience, so it’s no wonder that advertisers spend so much money on commercials. In fact, many viewers watch this title match just to catch the latest ads. Production music for Super Bowl commercials can range from triumphant melodies that are inspired by greatness on the field, to hard-rocking backing tracks that bring your content to life.

Music for Super Bowl advertisements can be as varied as the themes of your content. Choose the right background music for Super Bowl ads and help viewers connect with both your brand and America’s most popular sport. Whether you’re making a cinematic commercial that will have people discussing it for decades, a side-splittingly funny ad that will have viewers rolling on the floor with laughter, or just a quick, simple spot that effectively conveys your brand image, music for Super Bowl ads will tie everything together.

Hard-Hitting Music Captures the Action on the Gridiron

From pre-game coverage, to an epic ad, to the post-game wrap-up, the right audio is key. Luckily, there’s a lot of stock music for Super Bowl advertisements and coverage out there. Think about whether you want a pounding theme, understated background music that won’t distract from the actors’ or reporters’ dialogue, or sound effects that put an exclamation point on that highlight-reel play. Often, you’ll want all three of these distinct types of audio in your production. With cut music, sound beds, and audio effects, you’ll craft the right sonic backdrop for this year’s football commercials and coverage.

Explore a Large Library of High-Quality Audio

Both rookies and veterans of the production industry know it pays to work with a large library of high-quality audio. With a wealth of choices at your fingertips, you’ll be able to zero-in on the perfect sounds for your spot. At FirstCom Music, we have an impressive collection of new, original recordings, as well as genuine archival sounds that the new players in the game can’t match. We’ve been supplying the TV, radio, film, and ad industry with audio for almost 40 years, and although you might not know our name, you’ve definitely heard our work. Let’s create something amazing together.

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