The nominees for the PMC Mark Awards 2019 are here! We are honored to be nominated in so many categories, across our labels. The Mark Awards celebrate the achievements of the production music community and are awarded every year during the Production Music Association’s annual conference held in Los Angeles. We are beyond proud of our producers, writers and musicians who work with us to create the amazing music you hear every day in acclaimed films, television shows and major brand commercials.

We congratulate all of the 2019 Mark Award nominees!

Best Production Music Track – World

Title: Lotus Garden Sunset
Album: Exotic Lands 4
Catalog: MasterSource
Composer(s): Marc Ferrari, Matt Hirt & Haoyue Kuang
Track Description: Slow, delicate traditional Chinese duet of erhu and guzheng. Atmospheric, expressive, pensive.

Best Production Music Track – Jazz

Title: Another One Please
Album: Retro Jazz Cool
Catalog: True Stories
Composer(s): Andy Hopkins & Dean Mahoney
Track Description: Cool, fast, busy 60s jazz guitar and drums workout with trumpet adlib

Best Production Music Track – Ambient

Title: Stargazing
Album: Ambient Post Rock
Catalog: Nova
Composer(s): Robert James Aitken
Track Description: Introspective minimal piano opens out into epic cinematic section with distorted guitars and drums from 45″.

Best Production Music Track – Vocal

Title: Enough
Album: Downtempo Pop
Catalog: Focus Music
Composer(s): Christopher Paul Chalaye & James George
Track Description: Warm acoustic guitar intro with gentle electric guitar layers and heart-warming, emotional breathy male vocals.

Best Production Music Track – Folk

Title: Calm Me Down
Album: Songbirds
Catalog: Chappell Grand Stage
Composer(s): Benjamin Ian Cocks & Adam Connor
Track Description: Anthemic crescendo built up from a thought provoking and raw lead male vocal with deep swinging drums and gospel harmonies keeping this vintage sounding track moving all the way through.

Best Production Music Track – Alternative

Title: U Got Brains
Album: Accidentally Indie
Catalog: Music House
Composer(s): Lewis Edward Fieldhouse, Benjamin Ferrari, Oliver Price & Alice Charlotte Smith
Track Description: Cutesy, kooky indie folk with bouncy picked guitars, fuzzy bass, lo-fi drums, oddball keys and fx, and quirky male and female duet

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