Over 100,000 people from all over the world will attend this year’s NAB Show in Las Vegas, NV. Bringing together professionals from across the broadcasting, content creating, and digital ecosystems NAB Show is the place to be to stay at the leading edge of our industry.

The FirstCom Music team have been attending for over 15 years and alongside all of the friends we’ve made we’ve gained some valuable insights into how to make the most of the trip. Read on for hard-earned lessons, top tips, and insider secrets to having the best conference experience ever!


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You need it, but so does everyone else. 100,000 extra bodies in an already busy city is a recipe for lines and long waits. Thankfully, Vegas has excellent services and infrastructure so while this may be an adventure for you, the city is used to it.

We’ve found the shuttles between the convention center and the hotels on the strip to be reliable though obviously very busy at peak times, while the monorail is even busier. Thankfully Vegas has impressive Uber/Lyft services out of the peak times, along with a regular taxi service.

Don’t forget your most comfortable shoes. Just because there’s transport between locations doesn’t mean you won’t end up walking for miles (and miles…)


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You have two options; follow the crowds and hope for the best or prepare your maps and follow your plan. In Vegas there is no middle ground.

With so much going on, it pays to be prepared. We like to work out where we’re having lunch, where our meetings are, which booths we absolutely must see well in advance. Our secret to a successful trip; screenshot your maps and routes. Nobody needs the stress of discovering they’re running late for a meeting and their navigation app is sucking up the very last of their battery or their signal is dropping out. A screenshot draws less power and requires no signal and therefore is the ultimate backup. Don’t leave your hotel without it. You can thank us later.


It’s hugely tempting to scoop up as much free stuff as possible, but after three days of collecting pens, water bottles and branded tchotchkes your bag will be bursting at the seams and your back will ache. Then comes the realization that you have to haul all this stuff home with you.

NAB Show can be the toy shop for the inner child in all of us. Our recommendation is to ask yourself three quick questions before picking up a promotional item:

Where will I put this? If it’s going to get pride of place on your desk, snap it up. If the answer is in a drawer full of junk then it may be best to miss this one.

Do I know someone who would love this as a gift? Whether it’s your kids, a colleague stuck in the office, or your team’s marketing department (we love to see new promotional ideas!) you might know the perfect person to gift an item to. Snap it up!

Am I proud to rep this brand? We’re proud to work closely with brands that help us do what we do, others bestow cool points wherever they go (Industrial Light & Magic, we’re looking at you), while sometimes you might want to work with a brand in the future and this is the perfect reminder.  

If the swag doesn’t meet at least one of these criteria, leave it for someone who wants it more.

Business Cards

Photo by Sandrachile . on Unsplash

Pack more business cards that you think you’ll need. Seriously. Everyone has one, everyone wants to trade.s

Phone charger

This is your life blood! Bring two; one for your hotel room, one for your bag. We’ve made the mistake of bringing just one only to get to the conference floor and discover we left it in our room. Pack two and skip remembering to pack and unpack it each day.

Insider Tip

Photograph your own badge! Nobody wants to plan for losing their badge, but having a photo of it makes it so much easier if you do lose your badge. We won’t name names, but this is a hard learned lesson!

“Lip balm, hand sanitizer and protein bars get me through. But the golden rule is hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!”

Cristy Coffey, Sr. Director of Marketing

#AmazingEvent | Jewel Nightclub at Aria | April 9 | Space Limited

The best party of the year! NAB/BEA Badge Holders: Request event details

Must be 21+ years of age with proper ID. Passport required for International guests.

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