Jim Long PMA Hall of Fame

After a long, amazingly creative and successful career in the broadcast, music, and entertainment industries, the entire FirstCom Music team is thrilled to congratulate FirstCom Music Founder Jim Long as he was inducted into the Hall of Fame by the Production Music Association.

A music industry pioneer Jim Long has been connecting people through music since the age of 13 when he ran a radio station from his parents’ basement. While that endeavor was cut short by the FCC, he has gone on to found, direct, and invest in award-winning broadcast and entertainment companies over a fifty-plus year career.

Starting his career in radio broadcasting, Long worked his way up as a radio announcer, producer, and program manager at stations across the country before going on to found TM Companies with Tom Merriman in 1967. Offering production music and programming, the company excelled before being sold to Starr Broadcasting Group.

In 1980, Long founded FirstCom Music building the company to become one of the largest music libraries in the world. An industry leader and pioneer, in 1984 FirstCom Music became the first library to make an entire catalog available on CD. Continuing this innovative trend, they released their entire catalog online in 1992; making them the first company to do so.

Leaving FirstCom Music in 1995, Long continued to run the OneMusic library with its music being used in Oscar-winning films such as ‘A Beautiful Mind’. Long also established Honest Entertainment Group, producing records for Grammy-winning, Country Music Hall of Fame inductee Charley Pride and Grammy-winning Jack Jones.

In 2007, Long returned to the production music industry when he formed Crucial Music along with Tanvi Patel. Stepping down from his role as Chairman in 2017, Long continues to act as a consultant and mentor.

Jim’s legacy of innovation and commitment to quality music continues today. As a winner of three Production Music Association Mark Awards in 2019, the standards set by Jim continue to be hallmarks of the FirstCom Music brand.

Congratulations Jim from all of us at FirstCom Music!

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