As Election Day hit, we took a quick poll in the FirstCom Music office to resolve some burning questions; namely, what’s the best part of Thanksgiving lunch/dinner?

While several members of our team had unique and individual tastes (some of us can’t get enough ham, or pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes, or turnip), the vast majority of the team had one thing on their mind only… STUFFING!

Of course, this ignited a debate over what counts as ‘stuffing’ and what counts as ‘dressing’… but the point remains. We love our carbs!

The one thing the team couldn’t agree on? The bird.

We may love our carbs, but we still want some meat. But agreement was missing when we got down to deciding whether it’s turkey or chicken, roast or deep fried… we proudly showed our diverse tastes on this one!


One final thing: on pain of death. Do. Not. Forget. The. Mac & Cheese.

We hope you’ve got you in the mood for a Fall Feast and that you have a wonderful holiday with family and friends.

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