Sometimes a great Pop song is just what you need to support your creative vision. Whether it’s an indie sleeper hit that you can build a grassroots ad campaign around or a much loved Classic Rock hit for triumphant movie trailer, the range of ways you can sync a musicians’ music to your production is wide and varied. With so many great bands and musicians out there, why use production music at all?

We look at five reasons you might want to select production music over pop:


Pop Can be Too Recognizable…
Let’s set the scene; a heated conversation around a restaurant table results in a key plot twist in a new hit drama. In homes across the country viewers are missing those all important lines of dialogue because they’re trying to remember which 80s Pop star sang that song in the background. “You know the one, he had that funny mustache…”

Production music allows you to get the same tone and texture, without drawing in the audience’s memories of a song. Think of it this way, while a mega-Pop hit may be just perfect for the love scene where the two main characters eventually get together, imagine how an audience member will feel if that just happens to be the song they shared with a former partner. Memories are powerful things, and they can make or ruin a moment in a flash.

Politics Can Bite… 
Whether it’s a campaign ad or a drama covering a challenging contemporary topic, politics can be a hot button in conflicted times. Using a pop song often means either going to great lengths to get artist sign-off or risking potential backlash should the artist, or their core audience, disagree with your use after the feature airs. Production music creates separation between artist, audience, and production allowing music to be used in a way that doesn’t convey endorsement or personal relationships. On the flip side, the use of production music shelters productions from the actions of music artists they may feature, something of particular concern should the artist hit the headlines for the wrong reasons.

Mind the Language Barrier… 
International release campaigns come with any number of hurdles to overcome, not least of which is language barriers. While some Pop mega-hits translate across borders thanks to a global love of music, others may struggle to get their message across. The solution for many is to select a song that works for core markets while making use of an instrumental version in foreign markets. The best production music libraries will have thousands of songs with vocal themes covering key topics from motivational anthems to heartbroken ballads. Each track should offer an instrumental version, and often alternative underscores. Using these variations presents multiple avenues for creative campaigns to adapt to cultural and language barriers with ease.

Timing is Everything
When time is of the essence and deadline was yesterday, the thought of a protracted licensing negotiation with a labels Sync Department, an artist manager, or even with an independent artist can bring on cold-sweats. Production music libraries carry rate cards that make licensing a breeze. A quick phone call to a Licensing Specialist is often all that’s needed to outline the scope of your production, the music you require, and arrange the rate you will pay.

Consistent Quality
The musicians and producers who create production music for top libraries are almost exclusively career composers with a fantastic dedication to their craft. Many of these artists will create thousands of compositions, honing their skills and creativity with each one. As keen collaborators, the best producers and composers work with talented singers and musicians uniquely suited to each project. This dedication, along with significant investment in high quality instruments and recording studios, enables them to create music that is consistently of the highest quality.

By writing for unique needs, niche audiences, and in a variety of styles and genres, composers can scratch all their creative itches while never being constrained by considerations of writing a clear single or how a track may translate into the live environment.

Original and highly adaptable artistry is at the heart of the production music world. If you need production-ready elements, a soundalike, or something truly original, turning to production music composers could be the ideal solution for your creative needs.

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