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Track Breakdown

1. What do the icons do?

(L to R) Play | Download Track | Add to Project | Favorite | Share | Similarity Search

2. Does this track have Stems?

If this icon displays then a track has stems for immediate download. For tracks without this icon please contact the FirstCom Music team for access to stems.

3. How do I identify a track?

This is your Track ID. It is broken into label ‘EVO’, album number ‘341’ and track number ‘-5’

4. What is a PRO?

A Performing Rights Organization (PRO), also known as a Performing Rights Society or Collections Society, is the organization that collects royalties owed to rights holders and performers for their work when they are performed in a public space.

5. How do I get track metadata?

To copy a track’s metadata to your clipboard you can select this icon. You can then paste the info into a Word .doc or similar.

6. How do I find Instrumental or 15/30 sec cuts of a track?

Alternate versions and edits of our tracks are nested under the main track version. Click the main title to see nested edits.


Explore and discover new music your own way

For every user and every search there’s a different process for finding the perfect track. Our Filter panel allows you to tailor your music search in a way that makes sense to you and your needs.

If you’re locked in to a specific time frame try our Edits filter for 15/30/60 second cuts.

Looking for “background music”? Our Versions filter can help you find tracks with and without vocals.  

Elsewhere our Tempo and BPM filters will help you filter the speed and style of music in your search.

Need truly flexible music? You can filter your search exclusively for tracks with stems at the touch of a button.

Our filters are easily customizable; simply add as many as you please, mute them to test a new search without losing the work you’ve already tried, or remove the filters completely when you’re done with them.

Need more help? Contact our expert Music Directors to get a custom Music Search that fits the brief of your project. Quick, free and unlimited for all FirstCom Music clients.

Understanding our Track ID

Understanding our file names

Share | Pitch | Collaborate
When & Why?

My Preferences

To view ‘My Preferences’ first navigate to your Profile by signing in to
Select the icon with your initials or photo under the ‘My Music’ tab on the right side of the screen.

In the ‘My Preferences’ section you can:
– Set your default audio file type (WAV/MP3/AIFF)
– Set your default Search view (waveforms, track descriptions, track tags)
– Choose whether to be prompted to see Download Options each time you download
– Sign up for marketing emails
(We strongly recommend signing up to be kept up to date with website updates, new functionality and tools, and the latest new production music releases)

My Projects

Discover the multi-functional ‘My Projects’ panel

Top Tip: If you like to carry out searches for multiple Projects at once we recommend opening a Search in a new browser tab or window. Now easily switch between views using keyboard shortcuts CTRL+Tab / CTRL+Shift+Tab

(1) Favorites: Perfect for building a small collection of tracks before assigning them to individual Projects or for marking tracks to listen to again so you don’t lose your place in the middle of a search.

(2) Project Search: Need a Project that hasn’t been used recently? You can search for it here!

(3) Recent Projects: Keep the Projects you used most recently easily at hand.

(4) History: Review your Search and Download history with ease.

Single Track Licensing

FirstCom Music offer a variety of music licensing solutions to meet your production needs. Thanks to our huge, high-quality music catalog we are known for offering exceptional value to our Blanket License or subscription-based clients.

Did you know you can also license our music for single track use?
Let us know how the track will be used, where, and for how long and our music licensing experts will help to craft a license that meets your needs and budget.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can easily navigate between tracks using our keyboard shortcuts & hot keys making auditioning production music at even easier.

For more info on how to get the best from visit our FAQ page or Contact Us.

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  1. I prefer to search by Labels. I have my favorite ones and can generally find what I’m looking for quickly within a specific Label. However, clicking the “Load More” option (twice!) just to see all available Labels is very annoying. Please display all Labels on one screen – it can’t be that hard or inconvenient on your end…? Thanks!

  2. How can I make an Archived Project into a Recent Project so I can add a track to it? It seems I can only add tracks to Recent Tracks.

    1. Post

      Hi Darin – thanks for your question! To convert archived projects you will need to make a copy of the project. This will allow you to interact with the “new” copy the same way as you interact with any new project you build. For further details or additional help, please email us at or speak to a member of our team via Live Chat on

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