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Even casual gamers know the feeling quite well. By the skin of your teeth you’ve made it past deadly obstacles and murderous minions, and now it’s time to do battle with the level boss. Suddenly, the music gets intense, your heart-rate rises, you grip your controller tightly, and get ready to fight. From pulses of electronic tones that gradually speed up as the space invaders descend on your city, to the driving soundtrack to classic side-scrollers like Mega Man 2, to whimsical themes from classic RPGs and the high-quality soundtracks to today’s games, production music for games has a lot to do with the overall gaming experience.

Even game soundtracks that play during loading and menu screens of sports games or first-person shooters can have an effect that instantly gets the player into a certain mind frame. If you’re working on a video game, you’ll need to put careful thought into selecting your soundtrack and sound beds. Honestly, who could imagine Super Mario Bros. without that classic theme?

Get the Adrenaline Pumping

If you’re working on an action game, you’ll want in-your-face, attention-getting audio. War games soundtracks for head-to-head competitions can help players focus on the game while adding another level of intensity and excitement to the combat. Game background music for fighting games should be prominent, but not so loud that it distracts from sound effects.

Ideally, you want your video game background music to form a connection between the player and the particular title. When the action heats up, you want the music you’ve chosen to signal a change in the seriousness and the difficulty of the task at hand. Music designed for gaming, animation and virtual reality has the dramatic flow required to match the dynamic motion on screen.

Set the Scene Perfectly

For fantasy-style games, whether they be first-person based, classic team-style RPGs, Zelda-style top-down games, or side scrollers, you’ll require a soundtrack that is often whimsical and curious. Enhance the wonder of exploring new worlds by changing up the audio backdrop as the scenery evolves. From a mission out at sea, a trip to the ice world, or a quest through an enchanted forest, music will guide your characters on their journey. Love-themes, adventure-themes, a triumphant motif after your team has vanquished your enemies, or a sad dirge when you’ve run out of lives… All of these different types of music are important to crafting a deep, engaging gaming experience.

Choosing the Right Video Game Soundtracks and Sound Effects

Whether you’re a professional who works on a large team, or a part-time programmer creating your first indie title, you deserve to work with a company that has it all. From brooding, intense melodies, to subtle sound beds that can change ever so slightly with the terrain, or retro & upbeat music for video games, you’ll find it in our vast library. FirstCom Music has been supplying the TV, film, content, radio, and yes, the video game industry with premium audio for decades. You have music needs. We have music solutions. Let’s connect.

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