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Though this year will be different due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, Black Friday still marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. As always, retailers will be looking to cash in on America’s fondness for holiday gift-giving. With many businesses taking a financial hit over the summer, they are counting on the holiday season to get their earnings back on track. If you’re working on a Black Friday ad, you might feel like the stakes are higher than ever before– and you may be right. This makes choosing the right Black Friday production music crucial. Thankfully, the experts at FirstCom Music are here to help. Here are a few things to think about when you choose a soundtrack for your ad spot.

Create a Brand Connection

Ideally, music can be a bridge between the brand you’re representing and the emotion you’re trying to convey– for example, connecting jewelry with love and romance, pairing a new video game with feelings of exhilaration, or combining your brand’s winter line with a carefree stylishness. Think about the emotions you want your target audience to feel and find the soundtrack that will inspire them. Once you settle on the audio, you’ll want to make sure you have the legal license to use it as much as you need. Music licensing for Black Friday ads helps ensure that you’ll avoid copyright issues– which means you’ll be able to use your branding music in successive ads and campaigns.

Set the Scene

What is the setting of your ad? Is it set in Victorian England or the Far East? Maybe it takes place in outer space, or simply at a neighborhood coffee shop. Music can help establish a sense of time and place– and along with the emotional connection you’re trying to build– it should be a significant factor in the music for Black Friday commercials you choose. Of course, you don’t need to limit your soundtrack to the obvious choices. Music that inspires feelings of romance, goofiness, or excitement can easily be used in a variety of settings. Think about a comedic ad that features a group of nobles sitting around a medieval feast, or a romantic ad on a space station.

Make Your Ad More Impactful

With a good balance of scene-setting and emotional vibes, the right music can make your ad much more impactful. Viewers or listeners will remember your content and create a connection– and hopefully make your client very successful during the hectic first weekend of holiday shopping. Browse a large and varied selection of music for Black Friday advertising from FirstCom Music, and discover the premium audio that will transform your spot from a pretty good ad to an award-worthy production.

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