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Whether it’s a breaking story that is going to shape the future of world events, a weather update that will affect the lives of thousands, or a segment in an ongoing journalistic investigation of corruption in local government, the news comes at us from many different angles. When you think of a news-related project, you realize that the actual information is only one part of the equation. The same is true of entertainment broadcasting; the script matters most– but the background music for broadcasting you choose will have an enormous effect on your finished project. From a weatherman reporting from the eye of the storm to a stormy relationship in a classic soap opera, background music for TV broadcasting plays a vital role.

Help Your Audience Focus

The right audio helps your audience pay attention. This works in two ways. First of all, music can subtly inform your audience that something is about to happen. A burst of intense music can signal a news alert, tell the audience that something dramatic is about to happen in your story or introduce a new segment. Intro music for radio broadcasting is of particular importance since there are no visual clues to guide your listeners. Secondly, and this may sound counter-intuitive, silence can be distracting. In some programming, the audio space between dialogue can be awkward, and a sound bed is a great way to smooth things over. Subtle backing tracks that build in intensity as the drama escalates will draw your listeners and viewers in– capturing their undivided attention.

Create Brand Identity

Your series or network is a product, unlike any other, so it’s important to create a strong brand identity. In a premium broadcast music library, you’ll find great tracks that can be used repeatedly as a theme or as consistent backing music. By establishing a sonic palette, you’ll cement brand identity, which will help repeat viewers or listeners recognize your work.

You might not realize it, but your brain is subconsciously aware of a lot of the backing audio that you encounter in a day’s worth of TV watching and podcast listening. Background music for news broadcasting that is consistent and recognizable will build familiarity with your audience. As we all know, familiarity leads to trust, which in the news business is paramount. Build identity, capture repeat viewers, and help your project reach a bigger audience.

Give Yourself Options, Make Smart Choices

Finding audio that matches your project’s mission, attitude, style, or vibes can be challenging. It pays to work with an extensive broadcast music library at your fingertips. FirstCom Music has been providing the news, entertainment, advertising, and education industry with high-quality music and sounds for 40 years. We have deep, diverse libraries that include everything from classic archival recordings to hot new tracks that feature electronic instruments and pumping beats. Choose from a variety of licensing agreements and find the right deal for your needs and budget.

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