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This just in: Music is a key part of any news broadcast. Whether you’re producing a radio show, putting together a segment for the nightly news on TV, or even doing a fictional news program for a movie, ad spot, or comedy sketch, it’s important to have the right breaking news music. Of course, you’ll have a lot of decisions to make when you’re browsing background music for news production.

Do you want short bursts that signal an important story is about to be announced? Do you want a sound bed that will play underneath your top-of-the-hour broadcast? Perhaps you’re looking for intro and outro music that will help transition the viewer or listener to and from their regularly scheduled programming. There certainly is a lot to consider when selecting audio for your production.

Music Helps Engage Viewers & Listeners

News background music and sound effects have two main effects on your audience. For starters, the right music can tell the viewer or listener that it’s time to focus on something serious. This is especially important when you’re producing news updates on the radio or interrupting a television program with a breaking story. Secondly, music helps form a brand connection, making your programming more memorable, and hopefully causing your audience to tune in again and again.

Think of news broadcast music as an auditory calling card that will cause your audience to instantly associate your team of journalists, meteorologists, and anchors with up to the minute information on the stories that matter most.

Attention-Getting, But Not Distracting

Ideally, stock news music should be attention-getting, but not too distracting. Many producers use a few seconds of a short theme to transition to a shot of the news desk and then dial the volume down as the reporters begin to speak. For bulletins and breaking news, quick sound design elements or sound effects can increase engagement by alerting casual viewers to pay attention.

Different types of music can signal changes within your production. For example, stock music for weather forecasts is a great way to transition to your storm team, reporting from the field during a major weather event. When it’s time to cover sports, solid backing audio will help make the transition feel seamless.

Looking for News Broadcast Music? Give Yourself Plenty of Options

If you’ve done audio production for TV, radio, web spots, or social media content, you know that it always pays to have a wealth of options. This is also true when it comes to producing news programming. At FirstCom Music, we have an extensive library of backing tracks, sound beds, and sound effects that will give you the options you need to take your production to the next level. We feature new recordings as well as a large library of archival recordings, making it easier than ever to find the audio tracks your news program needs. Create amazing news broadcasts with help from FirstCom Music.

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