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Trailers are an important way of promoting your film or show. They are so important that the process of making a great trailer has become an art unto itself. At FirstCom Music, we know the effect that a great trailer can have on building audience excitement and intrigue before your production is released. We also know the importance of pairing the right edited shots with the right music for trailers. Ideally, you should be able to hint at the plotlines, introduce main characters, and show off some acting highlights, jokes, and explosions, all without giving away any spoilers. 

Set the Mood With the Right Music

Music for a trailer can be anything from a pulsating sound bed that keeps the audience on edge while the monster sneaks up on its victim, to an epic symphonic score, bumping hip hop beats, or mournful country music. Cinematic music for movie trailers will set the mood, and in some cases, even the time and place of your film. This can free up valuable screen time, thus allowing you more time to develop the beginning of the story or hint at mysteries to come. 

For example, a swinging ragtime-inspired track can bring the audience back to the turn of the century, or psychedelic EDM can center the audience in a future dystopia. Of course, any good rom-com should have lighthearted flirty music in the trailer, and an action flick might require a loud, gregarious theme that pairs well with scenes of hand grenades blowing up, helicopters crashing, and heroes vanquishing their enemies.

Put an Exclamation Point on your Production with Sound Effects

Another part of the audio equation (along with narration and dialogue) is movie trailer sound effects. Whether it’s a superhero flying through the air, a hearty dose of slapstick humor, or even just everyday sounds like a taxi cab screeching to a halt, movie trailer sound effects have a big impact on the realness of your production.

Sometimes you want over-the-top effects that add a comic book-style campiness to your trailer, other times you want effects that are more subtle. A burst of sound, low in the mix, when you quickly cut together scenes can add a sense of velocity to your trailer, even if it’s barely noticeable to your audience.

Work With an Industry-Leading Company

From indie films that hope to receive festival buzz, to summer blockbusters that are expected to gross hundreds of millions of dollars, it’s often up to the trailer to make an unforgettable first impression. If you’re making choices about audio tracks, sound beds, and effects for your production, you want a range of high-quality options at your disposal.

FirstCom Music has been an industry leader for almost 40 years. We have unique, original recordings as well as genuine archival material that the new players on the scene can’t match. You have music needs. We have music solutions. Let’s connect.

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