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As the novel coronavirus continues to spread around the globe, many schools have shut their doors, leaving students to rely on technology for their education. Keeping students on track to complete coursework during this time is not easy. Educators, as well as parents, are always on the hunt for new content and eLearning apps—which will help students continue learning until the Covid-19 pandemic is under control.

At FirstCom Music, we recognize the growing need for online educational content. We also recognize that many of the creatives who use our library may be shifting gears to work on eLearning tools. Finding that production music for online homeschool programs is in high demand. So we’ve put together a few tips on how to choose the best production music for educational videos and apps.

Engage Students

Music and education have gone hand in hand for decades. Education videos have long used music as a way to capture and hold students’ attention. Today, music for eLearning and educational apps also serves to help them focus and retain information. Motivational music for eLearning apps and videos is a great way to inspire kids to study hard.

Of course, once the lesson starts, you want to use subtle sound beds that won’t steal the spotlight from the script or distract students while they interact with your app. Background music for eLearning, balanced at the right levels, can keep their minds from wandering, without stealing the spotlight.

Promote a Brand Identity

Music is highly effective for creating brand identity, which can come in handy if you’re producing a multi-part video series or releasing a line of apps. Consistent production music for homeschooling apps will make your company’s content instantly recognizable. Students, educators, and parents will start to associate your music with your product. With the accompanying educational gains, you’ll have formed meaningful audience connections that will help your company grow, now and in the future.

Create a Safe Space

These are stressful, uncertain, and downright frightening times, not an environment that’s ideal for learning. Even kids can sense the amount of stress in the air, and it can distract them from their studies. Children’s music for online classes can create a sense of calm and normalcy that will help them relax and focus.

Give Yourself a Wealth of Options

Whether you’re shooting a feature film, working on a TV show, or making educational apps for students– you know a professional-quality project demands elite audio. FirstCom Music has been supplying the movie, TV, podcast, radio, advertising, and content creation industries with premium soundtracks, sound beds, and themes for four decades. We have a vast library that includes something for every project, and a range of licensing agreements to fit any budget. Discover the ideal audio for your project today.

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