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Picture this– you’re at home, watching TV, but also looking at your phone, not paying attention to either. All of a sudden, you hear a serious burst of audio that grabs your focus. You instinctively look up at the TV and see a news alert. Because of the right cut music, you begin immediately absorbing important information about your world– info that could save your life. For the millions of viewers who are somewhat passively watching television (including news channels), at any given time, breaking news music serves as an audio clue to alert them that something significant is going down. At FirstCom Music, we work with many news producers from local stations to major global news networks– and this is one type of cut music that every operation, no matter their size, absolutely needs. Breaking news music intro tracks can feature a variety of instrumentation, from bursts of staccato string sections to high-tech synth tones.

Grab Your Viewer’s Attention

Intro music for breaking news or news alerts should have an alarm or even klaxon-type effect on your viewers. You don’t want to instill panic, but you do want to indicate a matter of great importance is unfolding. Once you’ve flashed a “news alert” screen and played this intense cut music, you’ll now need breaking news background music to play low in the mix while your reporters or anchors describe the situation. These backing sound beds should keep the intensity level high without distracting from the news. Whether you want to choose driving modern beats or pulsating orchestral arrangements has to do with your branding as a news organization or network.

Breaking News Music for Radio Broadcasting

With radio, audio is even more important since there are no visuals to cement your message. Breaking news music for radio broadcasting needs to be a little bit jarring at first. It must instruct your listeners to drop what they’re doing (within reason) and listen for a potentially world-changing announcement. When you’re trying to decide between cut music for breaking news segments, think about what is most likely to cut through the background noise and make a strong statement while keeping in mind your station’s brand identity. A breaking news soundtrack that plays once the reporting has started should follow similar rules for a TV broadcast. Keep the audio dramatic and interesting without distracting from the information you are presenting.

Work with an Industry Leader

FirstCom Music has been providing high-quality audio to the news and entertainment industries for over 40 years. Whether you’re a producer at a leading news network or working on a comedy skit that features a fake breaking news alert, you’ll find audio in this library that will do the job. And remember, whatever track you choose, it’s of paramount importance to make sure you own the legal rights to distribute it. When you work with a company like FirstCom Music, you’ll have a number of different licensing options to fit every budget.

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