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At first glance, it might seem easy to select background music for kids’ shows, ads, games, and other content. But the truth is, children can be a picky lot, and the right audio is key if you hope to hold their attention for the duration of your programming. At FirstCom Music, we’ve worked with producers and content creators for decades and know that selecting the perfect background music for children is not easy.  Production music for kids can be as diverse, deep, and interesting as music for adult-targeted content– or it could be simple, atmospheric, and understated. It depends on the mood of your project and the age of your audience.

Have Fun With Your Content

So what’s the best way to settle on background audio for kids? Some adults are big kids at heart and find it easy to put themselves in the shoes of an eight-year-old. Others, not so much. It’s always possible to overthink production choices, and music is no exception. However, it’s also important to have fun with your content, whether you’re a kid at heart, or just trying to momentarily get in that mind set.

Quirky & Upbeat? Not Always

Most stock music for kids is up-tempo, major key, and somewhat quirky. You’ll have no trouble finding plenty of fun and upbeat background music for children that can work for your project. Of course, not everything needs to be super cheery. It’s important to understand that a bouncy, hyper-upbeat track will not always work just because the target audience is young. Experiment with different options. You may find that a more reserved backing track is best, especially for commercials and short content that features a lot of dialogue.

Think About the Age of Your Target Demographic

Growing up is a big deal. Even at an early age, kids won’t respond to content that seems to be aimed at a younger group. Toddlers don’t want things that seem like they’re “for babies,” bigger kids won’t engage with content aimed at toddlers, and children approaching tween-dom will look for content that affirms their maturity. If you’re doing a one-off, kid-related gig, and you’re not keyed into your demographic, you could easily end up creating an ad or show that doesn’t resonate. When in doubt, ask a kid. Their opinions can be priceless.

Work With an Industry Leader

Whether you’re looking for positive songs for kids, background beats to sit underneath a dialogue track, cut music, or ambient music; you’ll want a diverse audio library at your fingertips. FirstCom Music has been supplying the TV, film, radio, podcast, content-creation, and advertising industry with high-quality audio for four decades. Give yourself choices when you sit down to create. We have several different licensing deals, which makes it easy to find a package that works for you.

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