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The right political ad or piece of viral content can have an enormous influence on who gets elected and how the future of our country is shaped, from the local to the federal level. If you’re in charge of posting content on social media, producing upbeat videos for campaign rallies, or creating an exceptional television commercial, you’ll need the right background music for political ad spots. Music and sound beds are an effective way to connect the emotions of the viewer with the images on the screen, whether you’re playing to the party base or reaching out to voters on the other side of the aisle. So how exactly does one go about choosing the right production music for political ads and radio?

Think About the Mood of Your Video

Selecting the right political stock music involves a deep understanding of your spot, and the feelings you are trying to convey. Use vintage, upbeat sounds to pair with shots of downhome Americana and create a friendly and hopeful message about your city or state’s past and future. If you want the tone of your spot to be serious, authoritative, and clear choose political ad music for productions that broadcasts an air of officialness and gravitas. Brooding, minor-key melodies might be right for tackling your opponent’s history of corruption, while subtle and minimal sound beds are often best for spots that feature constituents talking about their problems or relationship to the candidate.

Pace and Trajectory Count

In addition to the overall feel of your piece, you should also be aware of its pace and trajectory. Do you want the intensity to grow as your candidate outlines his or her plan for America? Do you have a lot of fast cuts that necessitate up-tempo music, or do you want soft and gentle audio tracks to paint a sonic tapestry while the camera pans over classic scenes of the heartland? Look for our tracks marked (NP) for negative to positive musical transitions, or even (PNP) to take the viewer on an emotive journey.

Political campaign music for productions can turn a good idea into a memorable commercial that will influence many voters. Describe the growing problems your candidate’s constituents face, accompanied by an intense, pulsing sound bed. Then, cut to your candidate’s message and abruptly shift the background music to a warm, familiar major key melody while they discuss the solutions they will pursue if elected.

Political Commercial Music for Productions

If you need music for your spot, you’ve come to the right place. FirstCom Music has been supplying the advertising industry, including the political campaign industry, with sound beds, sound effects, music, and background audio for almost 40 years. We have more new music than virtually any other resource, as well as genuine archival music that new players in the industry can’t deliver. You may not realize it, but you probably hear music from us every single day, especially during campaign season. From lighthearted backing tracks that will make your candidate seem congenial and gregarious, to negative political ad music for dark reality TV productions, you’ll find it all at FirstCom Music.

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