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A truly global event, the Olympics come but once every two years, as they swap between Winter and Summer games. People on every continent follow the games on TV, the radio or the internet. Everyone suddenly cares about platform diving, and your colleagues reveal themselves as experts on gymnastics. This high level of global engagement makes the games an enticing time for advertisers to start ad campaigns. In addition to news programming, there’s a considerable need for robust ad spots that combine the allure of a world-wide sports competition with recognizable branded content. If you’re creating Olympic-related content, you’ll need the right Olympic fanfare and stock music for production. The experts at FirstCom Music have some advice when it comes to choosing the right summer Olympics music.

Capture the Spirit of Competition

Sports are some of the best drama around– unscripted, unpredictable, and full of exciting storylines: A simple track qualifier event could be a gripping story about an athlete overcoming a career-threatening injury. A final between two countries could be an issue of national pride that has real political implications.

The stock music for Olympics 2020 should capture the prestige of reaching this high level of competition, the yearning for true excellence by the world’s greatest athletes, and the ridiculously high stakes of every heat, match, or routine. Depending on the type of content you’re producing, you’ll need everything from soaring, triumphant themes, to quick bursts of cut music, as well as subtle sound beds– ideal for playing under scripted dialog, or an athlete’s interview. Whether you’re making a goofy ad that features long-shot competitors trying to make their mark on the big stage or covering the agonizing fall of a favorite to win gold, the right audio will set the perfect tone.

Create a Sense of Place

The host city is as much a part of the games as the actual athletes who participate. Tokyo Olympics background music can be used to set the scene. By mixing traditional Olympic music with tracks featuring Japanese and Asian instrumentation, you can create a sense of place that will transport your audience. If you’re doing an episode, segment, or podcast on local culture, history, or food, having great audio tracks is key to the success of the spot. Think about both the timeless themes of competition and athleticism that are present in all Olympics—as well as the gorgeous local setting that makes this year’s games unique.

Work With an Industry-Leading Company

Royalty-free Olympic music for production may seem like a budget-friendly way to get your hands on the audio you need, but it can have many drawbacks. By licensing music from an industry-leading company like FirstCom Music, you can be sure your content is ready to air or be streamed without infringing on copyright. From orchestral stock music for Olympics to traditional Japanese music, and hip, modern tracks, FirstCom Music has a massive library of high-quality recordings, and a variety of licensing packages to fit any budget. Cover your bases and work with an experienced, professional company today.

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