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So, your project is good, but ask yourself this: Does it rock? When paired with the right content, there’s a certain quality that rock music brings to the table– energy, edge, grit– whatever you want to call it. Of course, rock is a varied genre, and in an extensive library, like FirstCom Music’s rock stock music library, you’ll have many different options. Below we’ll discuss how thinking about era, setting, and vibes can make choosing rock music for your production just a little bit easier.

The Nostalgia Factor

Gen Xers and older Millennials are about 35-55, and a lot of advertisements and programming seeks to appeal to their tastes. Whether they were in middle school or just graduating college, they’ll remember the alternative rock explosion that took place in the early 90s. Browse the alternative rock music library for productions and find the tracks that will have this demographic thinking of their younger years. It’s a great chance to associate your product or story with some of the audience’s most powerful memories, and of course, it’s perfect for setting the scene if your content takes place “back in the day.”

Back to a Simpler Time

In the 60s and 70s, hippies, Woodstock, free love, good vibes, and a sense of innocent optimism persisted, even as social unrest and war loomed over the country. The soundtrack to this all? Turn on the radio, and you’d hear what we refer to today as “classic rock.” If your project takes place in this period, you’ll need classic rock music beds to help establish the vibes of the time.

Today’s Hottest Riffs

Tastes change, but rock is still going strong. Strikingly modern tracks, like electronic punk rock music for ads from FirstCom Music, blend high-tech electronic music with aggressive beats, gritty riffs and tough downtown attitude. There’s no shortage of audio to choose from when it comes to rock ‘n roll background music. Whether you’re looking for a theme song, mellow sound beds to play low in the mix, or cut music to help you smooth over the transition between scenes, you’ll find it, even if narrowing down your choices takes some time.

Find the Right Licensing Deal for Your Needs

Once you’ve found the right rock music for production, you’ll need to settle on a licensing agreement that makes sense for your needs. At FirstCom Music, you can choose from needle-drop licenses where you pay on a per-use basis, and blanket licenses that allow you unlimited play of a track, or a group of tracks, for a period of time. If you have any questions about licensing or want to say hi to the team, feel free to contact us.

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