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The Halloween season is just around the corner and with it comes an avalanche of ads, programming, and content that will center around this frightening, yet popular holiday. Whether you’re working on a Halloween episode for an ongoing project, telling a series of creepy ghost stories, or working on an ad spot, you’ll need horror sound effects and stock music that will make the audiences’ hair stand on end. Scary sound effects for Halloween productions and horror stock music is ideal for building suspense right before a sudden twist leaves your viewers screaming in delighted terror.

Give Your Audience a Thrill

Provided they know it’s ultimately not real, people like the thrill of being scared. For this reason, horror movies have remained popular across all demographics for generations. Though absolute silence can be unnerving, spooky stock music is usually a crucial part of the equation when it comes to producing maximum effect. Of course, too many sound effects or an overactive backing track can make your production sound chaotic– so it’s best not to overdo it.

When you strike the right balance between dialogue, silence, shadows, and dissonant scary stock music and effects, you’ll amplify the feelings of suspense and anticipation that are so important to achieving a maximum fright factor. Haunting horror stock music for Halloween can range from incredibly simple arrangements to highly textured compositions. Find the vibe that is right for your episode, podcast, or show, and bring a shockingly paranormal scene to life.

Create Spooky Content for Your Brand

If you’re producing ad content, whether it’s for TV, the radio, podcasts, or web streaming, you might not want to strike terror into the hearts of your viewers in the same way you would if you were producing a slasher flick. Halloween stock music on the more lighthearted side of things might be better for an ad, or a kids’ show, for that matter. Quirky horror music for animations, for example, is suitably dark with major goth carnival vibes and great for video games and cartoons, as well as the right live-action shows and ads.

Whether you’re going for a humorous angle, invoking nostalgia for Halloween as a kid, or trying to get your audience’s hearts to skip a beat, the right audio can help people connect with your brand, and hopefully help drive sales.

Browse a Ghastly Library of Halloween Stock Music

FirstCom Music has an extensive library of wonderfully wicked audio that’s perfect for Halloween-related content, or horror productions in general. We’ve been supplying the film, TV, radio, podcast, web content, and advertising industries with premium audio for decades. If you’ve consumed an average amount of media in the last 40 years, you’ve probably encountered our work on numerous occasions.

We have the diverse selection you need to find the right music for your project, and a range of music licensing agreements that can work with anyone’s budget and needs. Create content that is monstrously memorable with the help of FirstCom Music.

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