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Television commercials have been big business for decades and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. Though TV watching now takes place on streaming platforms, these companies still make millions selling ad space, and advertisers still see TV as an excellent way to sell their products and promote their services. Whether you’re a freelancer working on an ad for a local business or work for an agency with major clients, you’ll need the right music for TV commercials to make your spot live up to its potential. To help you decide, the production audio experts at FirstCom Music have put together a list of things to think about when choosing TV commercial music.

What is the Style of Your Ad?

For starters, what is the style or genre of your ad? These days, ad spots can be everything from 30-second comedy skits to dramatic vignettes, frantic action sequences, or a simple display of your product’s capabilities. Thankfully, music for TV ads is available in just as many genres. When choosing background music for TV commercials, make sure it works with your visuals. Most stock music libraries, including those at FirstCom Music, are curated by theme, genre, or style, which makes narrowing down your choices very easy.

How Much Dialogue Will There Be?

Will there be a voiceover explaining the merits of your product? Will there be dialogue between actors, or will the ad be visual? Ideally, you don’t want your TV commercial music to compete with your script. Your backing track needs to allow space for words to be heard clearly. Of course, if you don’t have any dialogue to worry about, select an attention-grabbing soundtrack that will get stuck in your audience’s head. If you have a track that you like but might be a little busy during dialogue, try fading out at the beginning of the commercial and fading back in at the end. If it’s super low in the mix during the speaking part of your ad, it may not be too distracting. Our music is available broken down into stems to make capturing the perfect mix even easier.

Don’t Forget About Licensing

Whatever type of sonic backdrop or theme music you choose, make sure you own the legal rights to distribute it. Even if it’s a limited run ad campaign on a local station, audio copyright issues can be a major headache. Having to pull, delay, and re-edit a commercial could ruin your campaign’s timetable and cost you a client. When you license music from a reputable partner like FirstCom Music, you can be sure audio copyright issues won’t derail your project.

Work With a Leading Company

If you’re looking for the perfect audio for a pro-quality TV spot, you need to work with an elite company that has decades of experience and a deep, diverse library of tracks. FirstCom Music has been providing the advertising industry with premium audio for decades. We offer a range of licensing agreements to work with any budget and massive libraries containing genuine archival recordings and brand new, red hot tracks.

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