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We all know the right audio is an important component of any ad, be it on TV, radio, or the internet. Choosing the right track can make or break an ad campaign, and when your client is a big national or international brand, the stakes can be quite high. You’ll want a selection of genuine archival recordings and modern tracks and music for commercials to work with in order to select the perfect audio backdrop for your production.

Why does background music for commercials make such a huge impact on listeners or viewers? We’re still trying to fully understand the ways in which music affects the behavior of consumers, but we know that powerful themes, catchy jingles, or even just the right pulsating sound bed can take a decent ad to the next level. Here are some of the things you can achieve with top-quality audio:

Spread Brand Awareness

All advertisers want their brand awareness to be as close to 100% as possible, and it’s a big reason why many companies, even established names, shell out millions of dollars for expensive TV commercials. Even if you recognize the name of a famous car manufacturer, when was the last time their name crossed your mind? When we associate advertising underscores for TV commercial productions with certain products or companies, we have an additional trigger that can cause our minds to think of the brand.

Create Memorable Content

Different ad campaigns have different goals, and not every commercial needs to be an epic work of unforgettable mini-cinema. Of course, if your spot leads to chatter around the watercooler the morning after it airs, then you’ve definitely made an impression on your audience. Music helps us concentrate, and concentration helps us remember. Stock music for commercials that’s familiar might create associations, and new and exciting music might stick out in your audience’s mind. It’s up to you to choose the right path for your ad.

Build Brand Connections

At the end of the day, what advertisers are really trying to do is get the audience to connect their own needs with the products or services that the company provides. Whether your commercial is an emotional tear-jerker, or a goofy skit featuring a famous comedian, your aim is to bring together brand image and customer desire and package it in a way that is hard to forget.

Music is a great way to bring these pieces together, whether it’s a triumphant, boisterous theme, a soft, romantic melody, or positive and upbeat background music for commercials.

Work With a Large Selection of High-Quality Audio

Whatever direction you choose to go, you know that big brands will expect only the highest quality audio. At FirstCom Music, we’ve been supplying the ad industry with elite audio recordings for almost 40 years. You might not know our name, but if you’ve watched TV in the past few decades, you’ve definitely heard our work. We have a large library that our competitors cannot match. Let’s create something amazing together.

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