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Once back-to-school time rolls around, some kids will be psyched to hit the books again, while others wish that summer could last forever. One thing is for certain, though – plenty of companies will be looking to cash in on the season. From clothing to backpacks to school supplies and other essential accessories, the back to school season represents a huge spike in sales. The right advertising will help your brand win a bigger slice of the pie, and the right advertising needs the right music. Music for back to school commercials and ads includes a diverse selection of options from many genres, so how do you narrow the field?

Create Timeless Content

Though this year is going to be a little different, back to school shopping continues to be a time-honored tradition. Fun and friendly upbeat music beds for TV commercials are great for creating ads that connect your client’s brand to this classic slice of American life. Content that’s familiar, with a little twist, is likely to stick in your audience’s mind. Hopefully, this will influence their decisions when they enter the store or shop online.

Sell to Parents or Sell to Kids?

One of the first things you need to decide when you’re advertising a back-to-school sale is whether your content is aimed at parents or kids. If you’re making advertisements for the younger set, playful music for kids’ productions can make shopping for school supplies seem as much fun as buying the latest toys. Ads that are made for the teen market may require background music that’s a little more hip and edgy.

If you’re aiming your content at parents, it never hurts to play the nostalgia card and choose a soundtrack that will remind them of their own childhood.

Back to School Music for TV and Film

From teen dramas to coming-of-age stories, and movies about those raucous college years, back to school–themed music will come in handy. From catchy themes that are perfect for comedies to mellow sound beds that are ideal for playing under Wonder Years–style voice-overs, and cut music for scene transitions, music for back to school can have more uses than just as ad background music.

Audio is Key

A professional-quality production needs professional-quality audio. FirstCom Music has an impressive collection of tracks, including archival recordings and new music from all across the globe. When it’s time to mix the audio for your commercial, you’ll want to have options at your fingertips. We offer a range of licensing agreements that include blanket licenses and pay-per-use licenses, which makes it easy to find a solution that will work for your budget and needs.

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