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For decades, educational videos have been a wonderful learning tool for teachers and parents alike. This type of content was once available solely on VHS and later DVD. Nowadays, educational materials also come in the form of YouTube videos, podcasts, and other streaming media. Choosing the right background music for educational videos is key to engaging your audience and making learning fun. From underscore tracks for educational podcasts to catchy themes for a series of videos, the audio backdrop you choose will have a huge impact on your content’s effectiveness.

The Right Music Can Aid Learning

Though the relationship between learning and music is far from completely understood, we do know that audio cues, themes, and background music can have a huge effect on the viewer’s ability to concentrate while they watch or listen. Music for educational purposes is created to add a unique audio dimension to your lesson, demonstration, or tutorial. Whether it’s opening theme music to a podcast that focuses on the latest scientific discoveries, backing tracks for an instructional video on how to operate a complicated set of tools, or sound effects that put an exclamation on important facts, these audio cues can make your educational content more likely to stick.

Ideally, production music for education should be noticeable, but not too upfront in the mix that it distracts from any important dialogue.

Find the Ideal Music for Your Target Age Group

It’s crucial that you select audio tracks and effects that are well-suited to your target age group, whether it’s children who are just learning their ABCs, high school and college students, adults who are learning a new skill at work, or seniors who are enriching their lives by pursuing a lifelong passion in their retirement. Something that seems too childish might turn off middle school-age viewers, while sounds that are too adult and serious might be boring for little kids.

The good news is, from children’s songs for educational purposes to cool sci-fi inspired themes for adults, there’s plenty of tracks to choose from. When you’re selecting music, sound beds, and sound effects for your content, make sure you have a good understanding of your audience’s age and tastes.

Work with an Industry-Leading Company

You might not have heard our name before, but you’ve most definitely heard our work. FirstCom Music has been supplying the film, radio, TV, podcast, and content industry with high-quality audio for almost 40 years. We offer a wide variety of audio tracks, sound beds, and attention-getting effects, including new, original compositions and familiar archival sounds. If you’re tasked with creating educational content that needs to be clear, engaging, and memorable, you know the right audio backdrop is essential. Browse our exceptionally large library and discover the tracks that will make your next educational video an A+ work of art. You have music needs. We have music solutions. Let’s connect.

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