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Whether it’s basketball, soccer, football, baseball, or badminton, the sports industry is bigger than ever before. Media channels are consistently producing sports-related content and sports fans always seem hungry for more. That means it can be hard to stand out from the pack, which is why your content needs to have the right soundtrack. Background music for sports videos can be as varied as sports themselves, so it’s not always clear what track you should choose. Having a good understanding of the content, spot, or video that you’re trying to develop will determine your choices when it comes to sound beds, backing tracks, and background music.

Music for Sports News

If you’re putting together a SportsCenter-type project, whether it’s a full hour-long production or simply a short commercial for the web, you’ll need sports news background music for producers. Sports news music adds an air of seriousness and authority to your content, without seeming overly stuffy and stale. It should energize the audience and get their attention, but not be so intense that it steals the spotlight from your segment. From intro music to sound effects that signal breaking news events and subtle sound beds that play while scores and stats are displayed, you’ll have a lot of options. Used by everyone from the NFL to Golf Channel, our music for sports covers styles perfect for everything from extreme sports to baseball.

Make an Unforgettable Highlight Video

Looking to create a memorable montage of the season’s highs and lows? Heroic and victorious background music for football video productions will make the team’s triumphs seem downright legendary whether the focus of your content is celebrating an underdog Super Bowl victory or motivating a Division III high school squad for the big homecoming game. Of course, with victory, there also comes defeat. Sports music beds with slow, ethereal minor key melodies are the ideal companion for footage taken after a hard season or a tough loss. Use music and sound effects to take your viewer on a rollercoaster ride of emotional wins and heartbreaking losses. Sports background music for productions can take your documentary, season recap, or highlight reel to the next level.

Hype Up the Crowd

Sports like cheerleading use music in very specific ways to bring athletes and crowds together whether it’s a local gym, a small middle school, or an NCAA® squad with their sights on a championship. Sports competition cheer music for productions will be an important part of every competitive routine, motivational video, or promo clip. Get pumped for the Nationals or support your cheer squad as they compete for a title with upbeat, motivational music in the BPMs you need!

FirstCom Music Has Your Bases Covered

FirstCom Music has been providing the film, radio, TV, and web content industry with high-quality audio tracks for almost 40 years. Though you may not be familiar with our extensive catalog, you’ve definitely heard our music on ESPN, Fox Sports, YouTube and in stadiums and arenas across the country. We produce more new music than virtually any other resource, as well as genuine archival music that new players in the industry simply can’t deliver. Pump up the crowd, celebrate victory, and remember an epic season with sports music from our vast catalog. You have music needs. We have music solutions. Let’s connect at IDEA Conference or a Sports Video Group event.

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