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Over the last decade, YouTube has emerged as the most important video sharing site on the internet. For some demographics, it’s becoming the main source of information and entertainment. From ads to vlogs, funny mash-ups, cat videos, and even films, there’s a lot of content being produced for YouTube from all across the globe, 24 hours a day; almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day! If you’re tasked with creating content for a company or working on your own channel, you’ll need professional-quality background music for YouTube videos.

When It Comes to YouTube Content, Music Matters

The right audio is key for setting the scene. It’ll bring your production together and give your viewers a sense of mood, place, and energy. For comedy, uplifting content, or funny compilation reels, happy music for YouTube productions will hit the spot. If you’re looking for something dramatic to set the tone for discussing an emotional topic, or for underscoring a sad twist in your story, anything from a subtle, minor-key synth sound bed to an orchestral piece might work. If you’re a jet-setting adventurer who chronicles your own trips to share with thousands of followers, you’ll definitely need the right YouTube approved music for travel videos. Producers often spend so much time on the visual aspects of their content that they overlook the audio. Music can add a lot to your content; it can create an emotional connection, make an ad produced on a shoe-string budget seem ultra-professional, and make your content more engaging and memorable.

How to Find Music for YouTubers

Ok, so you know how much music matters with it comes to creating an impactful final product, but how do you go about choosing the right audio? For starters, you can’t just pull any song you like out of a hat and slap it on your vlog. You need to own the rights to the music you use (basically, have created and recorded it yourself), use music that is available for free (usually not a diverse selection of great-sounding clips), or pay a licensing fee or royalties. YouTube is pretty good at identifying copyrighted music that’s being used without permission. Companies like FirstCom Music have ridiculously large libraries of music and songs you can use on YouTube. Unless you have the chops, time, money, and equipment to cut your own pro-quality tracks in a studio, it’s best to work with licensing companies who can give you a wealth of options at a fair price.

Work With an Industry Leader

Want strategies for how to find music for YouTube videos? Whether you need dramatic background music, sweeping, epic sound beds, or YouTube production music for travel vlogs, you’ll find it at FirstCom Music. Though you may not know our company’s name, you’ve definitely heard our work. We’ve been supplying the radio, film, TV, advertising, podcasting, and web content industries with elite audio tracks for four decades. We offer a number of different licensing and subscription packages, including both blanket licenses that allow for the use of an entire library, and needle-drop/single use licenses that let you pay per use. You have music needs. We have music solutions. Let’s connect.

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