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It’s that time of year again, football season in America! The days are getting shorter, the air is turning brisk, and teams across the country are taking to the gridiron every Sunday in hopes of vanquishing their opponents. If you’re tasked with creating NFL related content, you’ll need the right NFL football music. From small sports blogs who need pro-quality content to major cable networks and radio stations, there are many media outlets who are hoping to draw viewers and listeners in this season with football-themed content.

Capture the Glory of Victory and the Agony of Defeat

Football is a game of staggering highs, and often humiliating lows. Whether you’re working on an ad, a news spot, or a season recap, you’ll need music that captures the highs and lows of the action on the field, or the ups and downs of the long gridiron season. Production music for NFL spots can accentuate this emotional rollercoaster. Heroic production music for NFL content is ideal for those record-setting performances, or clutch plays that secure a hard-fought victory.

Help Your Audience Connect with Your Brand

Music, sound beds, and sound effects can be like an audio calling card for your segment, program, or spot. Viewers and listeners tend to connect strongly to programming that features a consistent theme. Football orchestral music for productions works well with content that features footage of the game throughout the years, whereas attention-getting sound effects and short themes are often the right choice for segments featuring breaking news from around the league. Create an audio identity for your show, segment, ad, or content, and help your audience connect with your brand.

Put an Accent on the On-Field Action

Football is all about big hits, touchdown bombs, and dazzling plays that will make any fan’s jaw drop. If you’re looking to build the hype and accent the highlight-reel plays, choose energetic and hard-hitting beats for American Football that will keep the intensity up during your segment, video, ad, or show. Sound effects are another great way to add some extra excitement, especially if you’re showing a blooper reel.

Whether you’re producing an epic documentary about a storied team’s championship season, or poking fun at some of the game’s lighter moments, you’ll find the right American football music and sound effects can make your whole project come together.

Give Yourself Plenty of Options

When you’re choosing audio for a production, it always helps to have a lot of options. FirstCom Music has more new music than virtually any other resource, as well as genuine archival music used by the NFL that newer companies can’t deliver. We have brand new, original recordings, as well as archival sounds and music that are perfect for content that looks back on the earlier days of the game. You’ll find it’s much easier to create an unforgettable production when you have a wealth of options at your fingertips.

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