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As the way we communicate, sell, advertise, and connect has changed over the years, Instagram has emerged as a popular platform for everything from having fun with friends to promoting your products or creating a personal brand. Whether you’re an influencer who travels the world, a comedian looking to access a digital fan base, or a creator who makes ads that mimic organic, user-generated content, you know just how important Instagram can be. Music for Instagram videos will be a crucial part of your content, making it more attention-grabbing and effective. However, the laws surrounding copyrighted music mean you can’t simply add a song you like on your video and post it, especially if it’s a paid advertisement. Read more as the experts at FirstCom Music explain how to navigate this side of the Instagram content industry.

Avoid Annoying Copyright Issues

Let’s be clear; when there’s a copyright problem, your content can’t be posted. Instagram automatically scans for copyrighted audio and can detect when music is being used without a license. This might not be a big deal if you’re posting vacation pics for friends and family, but if you’re working on an ad, promoting your own business, or trying to establish yourself as an influencer, these little hiccups can derail your campaign. It’s best to proceed with caution and make sure you have the rights to use your audio. This means you either have to create it yourself or use music that you’ve paid for.

Work with an Industry-Leading Company

From music for Instagram ads to backing audio for your travel, food, or lifestyle videos, FirstCom Music has a diverse library of options. Curated by playlist and arranged by album, it’s easy to find the genre you’re after, whether it’s trap, classical, punk rock, or vintage folk. We offer a range of licensing agreements that allows you to use premium audio while avoiding copyright issues. Instagram video music copyright and licensing plans include pay-per-use, “needle-drop” agreements, as well as blanket licenses that allow for the unlimited use of a selection of audio over a given period of time – think of it as a customizable subscription.

We understand that every content creator has different needs, and we’re confident we can find a budget-friendly licensing deal to meet them. When you have the legal rights to your music for Instagram stories and posts, you’ll have one less roadblock standing between you and your followers or target demographic.

Use High-Quality Audio in Your Content

The beauty of Instagram (and social networks in general) is that virtually anybody can reach a large group of followers with smart content and a little hard work. However, just because Instagram is accessible doesn’t mean you can get away with amateurish content. High-quality audio is a crucial component of any professional production. FirstCom Music has been supplying the entertainment and advertising industries with soundtracks, backing tracks, and soundbeds for over 40 years. We have the licensed audio that you need to make your posts impactful and memorable. Browse our libraries today.

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