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We all know music can get people pumped up to reach, and sometimes even surpass, their potential. Why do you think Olympic athletes spend the minutes before a heat listening to their favorite jams? Though the effect is only partially understood, we know that music has a way of motivating and inspiring people that can be particularly powerful, especially with the right setting and visual content.

If you’re tasked with creating inspiring content you’ll need to select the right motivational background music. Of course, there’s plenty of motivational and inspirational music for productions to choose from, so how do you find the track that will strike a chord with your audience? The experts from FirstCom Music have some suggestions that might help you make a decision.

Anyone Can Achieve the Incredible

It’s a common theme in inspirational productions that anyone, with the right amount of determination, can achieve their goals. If you’re working on a film, podcast, or web series that’s meant to inspire and/or to inform, you might want to select inspirational stock music that doesn’t grab too much attention and distract from the content of your production. Mellow sound beds with confident, major-key themes may be the ideal backing tracks for these types of productions.

Think about whether you want the audio to be a driving force behind your content, or if you want it to play a supporting role while speakers or narrators address your audience.

Build Teamwork On and Off the Field

Motivational music is extremely popular with athletes. Your school team might want to make a pep video that shows the triumphs of last season and inspires your squad to finally win the state championship this year, or maybe you want to focus on players who have shown the most improvement as an example of what hard work on the practice field can do.

Corporate teams have a lot in common with athletic clubs. They’re both tasked with achieving complex goals that require contributions from every team member, and well-coordinated teamwork is a must. With corporate motivational production music for positive vibes, you’ll have the soundtrack you need to create a clip or short film that will inspire workers to buy into the company philosophy, work hard towards a shared goal, and appreciate each other’s talents and abilities.

Raise morale, clearly state your objectives, and let your team know that anything is possible, whether it be in the boardroom or on the gridiron.

Browse Thousands of Unique Audio Tracks

Not all motivational stock music is created equal. If you choose to work with FirstCom Music, you can be confident you’ll have access to the very best. Our library contains a large selection of high-quality original recordings, as well as plenty of classic, familiar standards. We’ve been providing the film, television, radio, podcast, advertising, and content creation industry with sound beds, backing tracks, sound effects, and other audio for close to 40 years. Let’s create amazing together.

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