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From films to webisodes, podcasts to live standup routines, background music for comedy productions can add an exclamation point to a performance, help a joke to land, or fill out awkward sections of silence while you cut between scenes or segments.

With the right background music for comedy you can create a memorable soundtrack that your audience will come to associate with your brand of humor. Think about the theme songs to your favorite sitcoms. Don’t they put a smile on your face, just by remembering a few notes of the intro?

A Hilarious Film Needs a Great Soundtrack

Films need soundtracks, and this doesn’t just go for romance stories or action-packed blockbusters. Whether you’re working with the shoe-string budget of an indie flick, or part of a production team working for a Hollywood studio, you’ll need to choose music that will fit with your project. Comedy production music can include tracks that are perfect for title sequences, sound beds to play under a dream or memory sequence, and short bursts that are ideal for transitions. 

Is This Thing On?

It’s important to remember that not all comedy is laugh-out-loud funny; a lot of it is self-deprecating, dry, or sarcastic. Not all comedy production music needs to be goofy, wacky, and upbeat. Comedy background music for short films, podcasts, TV production, and advertising includes everything from sad trombones, to simple jazzy beats.

Doing a segment on current events? You’ll need audio for news productions to set the scene. Want to inject a little more emotion into your movie? Romantic comedy music for production is great for the meet-cutes, unfortunate miscues, and eventual happy endings that are so common in the rom-com genre.

Pro-Quality Audio is Key

It’s true for all productions, even light-hearted comedy– pro-quality audio is key for creating pro-quality content. Creatives are often tasked with being a Jack of all trades behind the scenes, and it’s easy to overlook audio until the last minute. If a production, even as simple as a vlog, doesn’t sound right, it won’t look right.

With blanket licensing agreements from FirstCom Music, you can have access to entire libraries of tracks that are well-suited for comedy and comedy-adjacent content. Give yourself options and let your creative juices flow.

Work with an Industry Legend

We’ve been working hard in film, television, radio, web production, and the advertising industry for four decades. You may never have heard of us, but if you’ve watched a normal amount of TV and movies over the years, you’ve heard our work every week.

We have an extensive collection of new, unique tracks, and archival recordings that the other players in the industry can’t match. Your content deserves elite audio, and FirstCom Music has the tracks for the job. Let’s create something amazing together.

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