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An “indie” film can be a lot of things– it can be a fairly decent-sized production from a studio that’s not affiliated with a big Hollywood company or a small project spearheaded by an aspiring director who wears many hats throughout the process. Whether you’re working on a film that’s destined for awards at Sundance and Cannes or trying to make a name for yourself in this ridiculously competitive industry– you’ll need pro-quality audio that works with your script and visuals. FirstCom Music offers licensed production music for filmmakers in a wide variety of genres. The right music for your movie is out there, but of course, settling on the final soundtrack is often easier said than done.

Camera on Indie Film Set

Make Your Vision Come to Life

Being a successful filmmaker on any level is about having a vision for your work and then making it happen. With smaller crews and tight budgets, you’ll have to make more creative decisions and have less flexibility. It might feel like your project is falling short throughout the production process, but once you pair it with the right soundtrack, it will reach its true potential. From high-voltage tracks for action scenes, sorrowful sound beds for the heartbreaking climax, and music for documentary films that will help your audience pay attention– audio is a key component that will make your beautifully framed shots feel complete. Inject energy, intrigue, emotion, or humor into your film with the perfect audio tracks.

Avoid Copyright Issues

Once you’ve settled on a song or set of tracks, you’ll need to make sure you have the rights to use them. Copyright issues can sink a project and make it impossible to distribute or stream. You’ll have to re-edit the soundtrack, which can ruin your shot at festivals and make your project go way over budget. At FirstCom Music, we strive to make music licensing for film understandable and affordable. Filmmakers can choose from a selection of licensing agreements, including needle-drop, pay per use deals that are ideal for films on a limited run, and blanket licenses that allow for unlimited play over a predetermined period of time. With licensed audio recordings, there will be one less issue to worry about.

Work with a Large and Diverse Audio Library

Are you shooting an indie slasher film? How about a nature documentary? Perhaps you’re working on an animated short that pushes the boundaries of what the latest tech can do or editing a quirky comedy that will cause fits of laughter to erupt from your audience. Whatever style of film you’re making, you’ll find a great soundtrack at FirstCom Music. We have massive libraries that our competitors can’t match and are sure to have a track that fits your unique needs. From sound effects that put an exclamation point on the action to soaring themes that will help make your movie memorable and impactful, the right audio tracks will help you complete your vision.

The Tools You Need to Make It Happen

Whether you’d like to browse similar tracks grouped by Genre or Mood, or have one of our Music Directors conduct a free music search to help you fulfil your vision, FirstCom Music have the tools you need. Once you have a track that fits you can use our all-new AI-driven Similarity Search tool to help you turn a track that’s almost there into something that’s the perfect fit. Hit us up via our Live Chat to get a web demo today!

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