The school year is right around the corner, and although this year will be different due to the pandemic, some things never change. Students are shopping for school supplies, teachers are planning out a semester’s worth of lessons, and production companies are working on a new crop of instructional videos. Whether you’re a teacher who focuses on video production, or a content creator working on educational material, you’ll definitely need high-quality music for instructional videos to make your projects reach their potential.

Music licensing for educational videos ensures that your production won’t violate any copyright laws, which means you’ll be able to share it, stream it, or even sell it. Background music for instructional video productions from FirstCom Music includes a vast array of choices, from hyper-modern science themes to atmospheric sound beds that are perfect for playing under instructional dialogue.

Low or No Cost Music Licensing

From the middle school enthusiasts to a video production class in college, many students make and produce content as part of their coursework. Like all films and videos, these projects need backing audio. Background music for college videos that aren’t properly licensed may not be able to be posted on streaming sites like YouTube due to copyright issues. Luckily, FirstCom Music offers special licensing deals to schools, colleges, and other educational institutions. If you’re a teacher or professor who wants to provide a vast library to your students while operating on an educator’s budget, you may be surprised at the discounts and deals that are available.

Music Can Improve Information Retention

Whether student or professionally produced, educational videos should have high-quality audio that creates focus without distracting from the information presented. Choosing the right background music for school videos can make your production more memorable, and thus help your class retain the knowledge they’ve just watched. In past blog posts, we’ve covered how to find music for educational videos, as well as background music for eLearning, and all of the same principles apply to instructional videos. From themes that establish brand recognition, to cut music that smooths over transition shots, and background music that fills space, there are many options to consider when selecting the audio for your project. Work with a massive library and give yourself the options you need to put the finishing touches on your project.

Pro-Quality Music, Accessible to Everyone

FirstCom Music offers a range of licensing agreements, making it easy to find the right deal for your project’s budget and needs. If you’re an educator, you may be able to take advantage of low or no-cost licensing that will ensure your students have access to the same premium audio that is used by Hollywood studios and major advertising companies. Get in touch today, and make sure your class has options when it comes time to work on their next project.

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