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If you’re in the production industry, you understand the importance of choosing the right music when you’re setting the scene. If you’re creating a radio ad, podcast, or other audio-only content, the soundtrack is even more important. Mexican stock music for production use can help set the stage for scenes that take place south of the border or within Latino communities in the U.S. and Canada. Whether you’re working on an indie film set in the bustling cafes of Mexico City, producing an ad for a Mexican vacation package, or looking for the right sound bed for your cooking show, you’ll need the right soundtrack.

Liven Up Your Content

Upbeat Latin production music is perfect for creating a festive, fun atmosphere. These catchy tracks can vary from classic Mexican celebration music that would be played during parties, to modern renditions that feature driving bass, lush synth sounds, and a seductive rhythm. Latin production music for commercials can bring your next spot to life. From a beach party with free-flowing brews to a cruise around the Yucatan, these tracks will help your audience pay attention to your content.

Create a Traditional, Homey Atmosphere

If you’re looking for something more subtle, there are plenty of other options. Mexican folk music can often be slow, mournful, and starkly beautiful, or soft, contemplative, and ethereal. Create a longing for home, express the sorrow of your main character’s broken heart, or wind-down the intensity of the night as the lights of the fiesta slowly flicker out. It doesn’t have to always be party time; there are a range of other emotions to capture with the right Mexican sound beds and tracks.

Licensed vs. Royalty-Free Latin Music

So, what’s the difference between licensed and royalty-free Mexican music? Royalty-free music is usually purchased for a one-time fee, and then can be used however the owner likes. This can be a cheaper route to take, but there are several major drawbacks. You may find tracks are often reused, thus impairing the uniqueness of your production. You might not have the options that you have when paying for more professional licensed music, and you may find the audio isn’t the same quality.

At FirstCom Music, we offer a variety of licensing deals that will give you access to premium audio at a fair price. Choose from blanket licenses that allow you to use any track from a library, and needle-drop licensing where you pay on a per-use basis.

Work With an Industry-Leading Company

If you need your spot, ad, content, or show to be amazing, you’ll need the best audio available. Latin stock music for ads from FirstCom Music will tie your entire production together. You may not know our name, but you’ve certainly heard our work. We’re an industry-leading company that has supplied the film, TV, radio, advertising, and podcast industry with soundtracks, sound beds, and sound effects for four decades.

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