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There’s nothing like the feeling of being appreciated for your work. Though they all say it’s an honor just to be nominated, we know the real thrill comes from taking home a statue while your rivals stand by watching, struggling to contain their displeasure. With the right music for awards ceremony shows, you can accentuate the glamor, intrigue, joy, and disappointment that makes this type of programming so engaging to watch.

Whether you’re doing a production for a private company’s yearly awards ceremony, or working for a network that covers the Grammys, Academy Awards, or Tonys, you’ll need a diverse library of audio at your disposal. Here are some tips from the professionals at FirstCom Music.

Choose an Orchestral Score

It can be tough to choose the right awards background music. If you’re going the standard, time-tested route, you should probably have an orchestral theme that you can go back to throughout the ceremony. Orchestral awards background music will definitely add an air of authenticity to your programming, and create the sense of a link to the past. This is perfect for awards shows that have a storied history, but isn’t always necessary, especially for awards that are given for contemporary music, sports, or just good work around the office.

Keep in mind that you probably want different background music for when awards are won. Use the orchestral music, or whatever you choose as your theme, at the beginning and the end of the spot.

Carefully Select Cut Music

Choosing the right cut music can make your content flow better from segment to segment, or your show transition more smoothly to and from commercial break. If you’ve chosen to go with orchestral background music for awards ceremony content, you may find that fading the main theme in or out works best for most transitions.

Another great option for cut music is a Celebri-Themes album for awards show background music. These celebrity-inspired tracks include pumping party jams, arty background music that’s great for covering a film festival, and tracks that are perfect for transitioning between speakers at a charity event.

Think about the feel of where you want your show to go. Are you transitioning from awarding the Oscar for best supporting actor, to a montage scene of the summer’s best action clips? You may want something that starts slow and gains in intensity. Are you about to hand out a prestigious employee-of-the-year trophy? You might want audio that’s designed to capture the audience’s attention.

Award-Winning Background Music

There’s no single proven method for selecting the ideal music for your production. The best strategy is to listen to a lot of different styles and tempos and find the tracks that just feel right. When you approach things this way, it pays to have a large library of audio to work with. FirstCom Music has been supplying the film, radio, TV, and content industries with clear, pro-quality audio for close to 40 years. Though you might not realize it, you probably hear us every day.

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