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Across the globe, charities and nonprofits work tirelessly to make the world a better place. Today, with the novel coronavirus pandemic reaching every corner of our planet, their work is more important than ever. If you’re tasked with producing content for a charitable organization, you’ll need the right music for nonprofit videos to engage your base audience and maximize your fundraising efforts.

There’s a lot on the line when you’re working with a group that tackles pressing social issues like hunger, disease, pollution, and inequality, and it can be extremely stressful for content creators. That being said, knowing you produced something valuable— like content that helps a group meet its financial goals is very rewarding. Here are some tips from the pros at FirstCom Music that will make the process a little bit easier.

Inspire Your Audience to Open Up Their Hearts

Music for charity needs to convince people to open up their hearts and their checkbooks. Powerful, soaring, majestic melodies can be uplifting and help your target audience understand that their contributions do make a difference. On the other end of the spectrum, music for fundraising videos can be solemn, moody, and mournful. This approach is best when you’re looking to highlight a problem and engage feelings of sympathy and empathy. Choose the right mix of sound beds to play underneath the dialogue, and bookend it with intro and outro themes.

Combine Faith with the Spirit of Giving

In the U.S., many charities are faith-based and seek to connect religious teachings with the virtues of giving. Music for Christian charities runs the gamut from orchestral and choral recordings that are well-suited for a traditional Sunday service, to country, rock, synth-pop, and hip hop tracks that offer a modern take on the music of faith. Think about your audience when you make your decisions. A commercial that plays during the day, and highlights suffering in 3rd world countries is probably aimed at a more conservative audience than a video that’s designed to get teenagers to volunteer in their community.

Create a Brand Identity

If you’re doing a series of videos, ads, or other content, you can use production music for charity to create a brand identity. Advertising for a non-profit is just like any other product; you aim to create a personal relationship between your content and the public. Repeating a similar theme throughout your work can help make your organization more recognizable. This, in turn, will make viewers more likely to donate and spread your message through word of mouth.

Work With Premium Options

When it comes time to add audio to your project, you want to have as many choices at your fingertips as possible. Explore FirstCom’s production music library and discover the tracks you need to make your next project impactful and memorable. Looking for some more inspiration? Check out more articles on finding music for your production from FirstCom Music.

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