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Vlogs, video blogs, YouTube testimonials, a video diary, content for your Tumblr (some people still rock Tumblr, right?) — when you’re producing personal content, you need music. Whether it’s an introspective look into your life, or a reflection of your experiences, DIY tips, or travel videos, you’ll find the perfect vlog songs that will provide an audio backdrop that takes your production to the next level. Draw your audience in, get them excited, share the pain of life’s lows, and express the wonder of finding something new and beautiful. Music, sound beds, and other audio can be the glue that ties your whole production together. Read more from the seasoned experts at FirstCom Music:

Set Your Content to a Beat

Background music for vlogs that have a steady, driving beat can add a sense of momentum to your content. Even if you’re just speaking into a webcam with your room as a backdrop, the right song can grip your audience and help them concentrate on every word. Ideally, the beat shouldn’t be so intense or loud that it distracts from, or hides, your message. Warm keyboard tones and lush backing sound beds can mellow out the mood, especially when you want to focus on something more serious.

Travel Vlog Music for Vloggers

Travel vlog music can be an exciting soundtrack to your experiences, whether you’re exploring a remote jungle, relaxing in a stunning infinity pool, or racing between museums on a bustling city’s metro system. Songs for travel vlogs can help you create a brand and capture a sense of place. When your travel-related content reaches the next level, you’ll receive more likes and influence. Once you’ve reached true “influencer” status, you may even be able to travel, and wine and dine for free. If you’re already at that level, you understand the importance of quality audio.

Add an Extra Layer of Emotion

Going through something tough? Want to show a loved one how much they’re appreciated? Thanking your followers for another great year of vlogging? Whether you’re melancholic, nostalgic, or impassioned, your sonic backdrop can help convey that emotion to your audience. Minor key melodies are the perfect accompaniment for a segment about a tough break-up. A light and sentimental tune is perfect for the background while you thank your viewers for their attention, kind words, and support. Whatever you’re trying to communicate, music can make your messaging feel sincere and impactful.

Work with an Industry-Leading Production Music Company

Everyone from individual artists to content creators who work for famous celebs will need high-quality audio for their productions. At FirstCom Music, we have an extensive library of stock audio that includes everything from genuine archival recordings to brand new, ear-grabbing sounds. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out more production music articles for video producers from our archives. We’ve worked with individuals, indie films, giant advertising companies, and well-known Hollywood studios for the last four decades, and somewhere in our large selection, we’ll have the perfect audio for your vlog.

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