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With the recent novel coronavirus outbreak sweeping the globe, the healthcare industry has kicked into high gear to develop testing, treatments, patient care, and personal protection guidelines, and hopefully, an effective vaccine. Content creators have long been an essential part of the healthcare industry, and that remains true, even in this pandemic.

Whether you’re creating videos that a hospital network is producing to keep its staff safe, public service announcements paid for by state and city governments, informational materials from pharmaceutical companies for doctors, or traditional advertising campaigns– you know that pro-quality production music for healthcare-related content is critical. Here are some points to think about while you work on your spot, ad, or video, compiled by the audio experts at FirstCom Music.

Grab Your Audience’s Attention

From background music for hospital scenes that capture the energy and gravity of an emergency to subtle sound beds that underline an informative script, healthcare production music can be used to capture an audience’s attention. Set the mood, engage viewers or listeners, and narrow their focus on the specific, life-saving information you want to convey. In hospitals, urgent care facilities, and doctors’ offices, information saves lives, and that’s especially true during the current COVID-19 outbreak. Choose the right audio so you can communicate your message clearly and effectively. 

Convey a Sense of Wellness and Healing

Music is a superb tool for communicating wellness, hope, and a sense of calm and tranquility. Production music for health and wellbeing should inspire all of the above. A positive and proactive point of view can do a lot of good during a potentially serious illness or injury– because healthcare-related content directed at patients can be both informative and uplifting.

Keep the Mood Light, When Appropriate

Not all medical-related content needs to be serious. Production music for healthcare and medicines can encompass a wide variety of styles, from hard-hitting beats that are similar to breaking news music to playful melodies that are lighthearted and carefree. If you’re working on an ad campaign that’s coming from a humorous or a human-interest angle such as a local hero– you’ll find the right soundtrack is often something with a familiar melody that inspires and uplifts.

Choose Elite Audio

High-quality audio is essential for any production, but it’s crucial in the healthcare industry. From music for medical commercials and health documentaries, to concise, informative HCP or DTC promotions, you want to be authoritative and professional. FirstCom Music has an extensive library of premium audio tracks that you need to make your content, ad, show, or film complete. We have new, original recordings, as well as genuine archival recordings that our competitors just can’t match. Choose from a range of licensing agreements to fit any budget and unlock a wealth of audio options for your next project.

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