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This Election Day, most people will be focused on national races. It is, without a doubt, a tumultuous time in U.S. history. Millions of voters are going to be glued to the news network of their choice, watching anxiously as results trickle in. If you’re working for a local politician who’s running at the city, county, or state level, or working on getting a ballot measure passed (or defeated)– you might find it’s challenging to get people’s attention. Music for political ads can help make your campaign’s message stand out. Memorable music for political campaigns will create a brand identity that will hopefully stick in voters’ heads when they cast their ballots.

Local Elections Make a Difference

Local elections have a real, direct effect on people’s lives. School funding, rezoning, open-space initiatives, infrastructure repair, and local taxes are always hot-button issues. When it comes to choosing the right music for political ads, the same rules apply to both national and local elections. Music for local elections can be subtle sound beds that leave room for a candidate or narrator to speak, patriotic, bombastic melodies that project strength and confidence, or a dark and menacing soundtrack that highlights the pitfalls of the opposition’s point of view.

Create Memorable Campaign Ads

Music licensing for political campaigns from FirstCom Music will give you a wealth of options from which to choose. From dramatic political music for elections to upbeat, optimistic tracks that can help paint a hopeful picture for the future, the perfect soundtrack will make any campaign ad more impactful. Music for local elections will help you hammer home your talking points, and maybe even reinforce your opponent’s problematic agenda.

Quality is Key

Whether you’re a veteran of the campaign trail who has overseen many local elections, or an intern who is producing your first political video, you know that a professional-quality production demands premium audio. FirstCom Music has been providing the advertising and entertainment industries with exceptional audio for decades. We have genuine archival recordings that are perfect for conjuring up images of classic Americana, and new, powerful themes that can make your ads instantly recognizable. Political soundtrack stock music is available with a range of licensing agreements. Choose from pay-per-use needle-drop licenses, and blanket licenses that give you the options to use many tracks for a certain period. At FirstCom Music, you can find the right licensing agreement for your campaign’s needs and budget.

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