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There is a significant Presidential election happening this November. In addition, as always, many other candidates are running in tight races for city, state, and federal positions. The candidates and their teams hope to take advantage of what is likely to be a high voter turnout. This means a substantial sum of money is flowing into advertising, especially in these last few important weeks of the campaign.

If you’re working on one of these ads, you’ll need music for presidential election advertising that drives home your candidate’s positions. Here’s a breakdown of the general types of music for political ads from the pros at FirstCom Music.

Patriotic and Powerful

Popular with campaigners year after year, patriotic stock music for presidential election commercials will strike a chord with the American ideals of home, hearth, and duty. From Sousa-type marches to unique, contemporary compositions, there are many choices. Are you looking for Washington crossing the Delaware vibes, or a backing track to play while futuristic fighter jets soar over a packed stadium? Patriotic music can create a sense of shared history with an individual voter’s political identity. Add in your candidate’s messaging, and you’re forming connections that will pay off on election day.

Hard-Hitting and Negative

Too much negative campaigning can be toxic and end up turning off voters to your cause. However, in small doses, it can be a solid strategy to point out your opponent’s weaknesses. From brooding minor-key melodies to hard-hitting themes that hammer home the seriousness of your opponent’s misdeeds– you’ll have no shortage of audio options when it’s time to choose a soundtrack.

Pick a track that will capture your audience’s attention while bold text scrolls on the screen, or select a prominent, yet unobtrusive sound-bed to play low in the mix under the dialogue. In the right doses, this sort of advertising can be powerful for both local and national elections.

Reassuring and Hopeful

In this political climate, many voters have had enough of intense nationalism that pushes boundaries. Instead, many candidates want to convey a restored sense of togetherness, tolerance, and community. Music that’s upbeat, confident, and inclusive can help show off your candidate’s broad appeal, smart policies, and cautiously optimistic outlook. Highlight your candidate’s commitment to developing new technology, their plan for a peaceful world, or their vision of a new era of American prosperity with audio that’s designed to raise spirits and inspire your constituents.

License Music to Avoid Copyright Issues

There are many variables to consider when you’re choosing background music for political advertising. Regardless of the approach you take, you’ll want to make sure your music is properly licensed. There’s nothing worse than having to pull an amazing ad mere hours before election day because of a legal issue with the audio. At FirstCom Music, we have a range of licensing options that can meet your budget and fulfill your campaign’s needs. Browse our large libraries today.

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