Soundtracks, sound beds, and sound effects matter in every medium that has an audio component. As an audio-only media, the effect of music in radio is greatly amplified. Whether you’re working for a station, creating ads for local businesses, or producing a professional podcast, you need a large production music library for radio to ensure that you have the right options at your fingertips. How you choose your backing and transition tracks is completely up to you, but it’s always important that you use high-quality audio on your show or in your content.

From strong beats that are designed to pump up potential customers, to calming music for a mellow afternoon chat with a leading academic, it pays to have a lot of choices when you’re working on your content.

Music is Effective in Advertising

Music adds a unique element to an ad or spot, that helps you connect with the brand. In this case, the brand can be anything from a chain of restaurants to a particular talk show host. In the end, it’s about connecting people to your content. For example, motivating music for educational podcasts can help students and listeners engage with the material and retain more facts.

It’s been shown that pairing music with ad, podcast, or show content can increase attention, create positive associations between listeners and content, and increase sales or repeat listenership. Music for radio production is more than just audio filler between gaps. In fact, it will have a big effect on whether your ad is successful, or will help people pay attention to your show and hopefully tune in for more.

More People Listen to Radio Than Any Other Platform

It may seem like radio is yesterday’s medium, especially with the number of streaming services that are available to the modern consumer. However, radio in America is alive and vibrant as everl. According to Nielsen, 93% of Americans, aged 18 and over, listen to AM/FM radio every week, more than those watching television or using a smartphone, TV connected device, tablet or PC. This means that the choices you make when choosing a music bed for radio broadcasting can reach a huge number of people.

Of course, plenty of listeners are choosing podcasts in addition to traditional radio. Twenty-two percent of Americans listen to podcasts every week, a number that represents a 5% increase from 2018. Of course, there’s no need for shows to pick and choose their medium, as traditional radio programs can now make themselves easily available online as downloadable podcasts.

Need Music for Radio or Podcasts? Work with the Best in the Biz

When you examine the research and listening trends of the public, you can clearly see that radio and podcasts reach a huge section of the population. So how do you choose the right sonic backdrop for what has the potential of being a nationally popular ad or show? There’s no clear answer because your music choices should reflect your content and tone, but options matter. At FirstCom Music, you’ll find a diverse selection of audio tracks, including serious themes for news broadcasts, lighthearted music for funny spots, uplifting music for radio productions for when you want to inspire your listeners, and much more.

If you’re like the 93% of Americans who have listened to the radio in the last week, you’ve almost certainly heard our work; we’ve been supplying music to the radio industry for nearly 40 years. You have music needs. We have music solutions. Let’s connect.

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