Whether you’re Irish by birth or simply in spirit, St. Patrick’s Day is a fun and festive holiday that will have you seeing green– in a good way. In many places, St. Paddy’s is simply a day to wear green and perhaps indulge in a Guinness. However, in parts of the world that have a large Irish population, there can be numerous community events, parades, bar crawls, and parties. From ads that focus on special St. Patrick’s Day sales or specials– to coverage of your city’s parade, or branded content that wishes your audience good luck for the coming year, the right St. Patrick’s Day production music is essential.

Traditional Music Sets the Mood

The smell of pickling spices, corned beef, and soda bread. The taste of a hearty stout. A warm breeze that signals springtime is just around the corner– add some traditional Irish music into the mix, and it’s unmistakably St. Patrick’s Day. Of course, Irish folk music is popular all year round, but unless you’re advertising a classic Irish product, such as spirits or beer, it usually doesn’t make sense to use it as a sonic backdrop unless you’re creating content specifically focused on the holiday. From cut music while your coverage of the parade transitions to commercial, to backing tracks for a special St. Pat’s version of your podcast, traditional music will set the mood.

Mournful Ballads Inspire and Unite

The Irish have a rich history that has at times been poignant. They’ve often responded by creating beautiful, mournful ballads that tell the tale of lost loves, broken hearts, and yearning for better times. Slow, mellow stock music for St. Patrick’s Day-related content can pull at your viewers’ or listeners’ heartstrings and help form a lasting connection with your brand.

Get the Party Started with Upbeat Songs

Ultimately, St. Paddy’s is a party and a celebration more than a solemn remembrance. We have feisty fiddle riffs that make you want to take a shot of whiskey and hit the dance floor– which is perfect for fun, memorable content. From news coverage of local festivities to a documentary film that showcases the local Irish community, the right music will make your content more lively and engaging.

Work with a Professional Stock Music Partner

Everyone in the content production industry, from interns at small ad firms to producers at television networks, knows the value of high-quality audio. At FirstCom Music, we have an impressive library of new, unique tracks and genuine archival recordings, that other players in the industry can’t match. We specialize in providing production music for creatives that will transform a good spot, show, or podcast into something special. Though you might not know our name, you’ve heard our work. You have music needs. We have music solutions. Let’s connect.

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